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The Stupid Fairy Attacks Sen. Landrieu

10 Obama Gaffes for Your Friday Fun

Hey GOP: Don’t Mess With Texas!

Bug, meet windshield: Piers Morgan vs Megyn Kelly

3 Black Teens Beat White Teen, Rev Al and Obama Are Silent

The Forgotten First Freedom

To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, policies like yours killed my Aunt

Obama’s Choom Gang Tour of the Gulf Ports

Obama and Putin: Mr. Flexibility Cancels Meeting with Russian Leader

Obamacare’s Brave New World Database

From Russia, With Hate: Sodomy Lobby Now Dictating U.S. Foreign Policy

WHY THE HELL Was Obama on Jay Leno Last Night?

Obamacare: Good for Thee but not for Me

100 Words On: Cold War (Senti)mentalities

2 Sides of Conservative Strategy

Christian Soldiers Fight for Rights They’re Denied

Michelle Obama’s Hip-Hop Hope

Elbert Guillory Announces the Free at Last PAC

100 Words On: Turning Media Tides?

Sharpton: Blacks Don’t Commit Crimes

Virginia’s Gun Sales Climb, Crime Drops

Motown – Dead Ahead! Keep Left!

How Being Raised In The Ghetto Colors Perceptions Of Law Enforcement

The Dependably Unfaithful Colin Powell

Sharpton Off Scott Free But Not Tawana Brawley

100 Words On: Hillary’s Running/Mating Habits

Using Shock Collars as a Sensitivity Training Tool

Lecherous Leftist Men and their Enablers

Seattle city gov’t bans words “citizen” and “brown bag”

Planned Parenthood Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

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