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Weiner’s Flag Pole Marches in the Gay Pride Parade

Justice Kennedy’s Nonsensical “Proclamation”

Unbelievable Racist Zimmerman Trial Witness!

Michelle Obama Searches for an Identity in Senegal

Is Barack Obama the Aaron Hernandez of Politics?

Evan Sayet: How Modern Liberals Brainwash People Into Hating America

Barack Obama Peddles Adam and Steve in Senegal

Jeb Bush to Honor Hillary Clinton?

Twitter Predicts the Stock Market…in ADVANCE?

Fans Revive Paula Deen

Choosing Life for the Innocent

If it’s not killing a baby, why the serious consideration?

Africa, Obama, and Gays…

Will Nelson Mandela Help Justify Obama’s 100 Million Dollar Vacation?

Hillary’s Children are ‘Too Small to Fail’

On Climate Change: Pres. Flat-Wrong Scolds the ‘Flat-Earth Society’

The Lone Star State Disappoints

Tactless Verbiage from a Pro-Abortion Troll

Justice Uncle Thomas

Glitterati Getting Ready to Roll Out Obamacare

Irish Politician Slams Obama as Hypocrite of the Century!

Brave New World: The Techno-Government Complex

Americans Are Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Sarah Palin: Holes in the Border As Big As the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill

Micaela ‘Piece of the Pie’ Obama’s Newest Advisor

Vladimir Tells Mr. Flexible to Go Jump in a Lake

Black History & Government Surveillance

The Affordable Care Act: More of Our Broken Health Care Model

Political Shenanigans: The IRS and the Tea Party

Height of Hypocrisy: NAACP Moral Monday

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