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That Racist DEA

The Constitution of Racist Islamophobes

Emancipation II – This Time Even White Folks Get Freed

The Loss of Civility – Part II

The Loss of Civility – Part I

Obama’s Little Box of Chocolates

Obama Teaches Tolerance

You Are What You Eat

Racism Gets Real

Obama’s – True Black Royalty

Kerry’s Yacht

Republicans Get Handcuffed

The Hysterical History of Crackers

Moral of the Fake Tag Heuer

Bleeding Blue – The Obama Gambit

NAACP Reject

Racism Declared Reason for Fat Black Kids

The Halfrican Perspective

NAACP Has Gone Rogue


Independence from Hate

Real Hope for America

Steele in Quarantine with Disease of Liberalism

Once You Go Black

Women’s Movement Reprise

Kagan Feminist Trailblazer

My Tribute to a Racist

Conversation With a Legal Immigrant

When CBC Comes – There Goes The Neighborhood

Orszag – The First Defection

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