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Government Workers Unhappy with Obama

Michelle Obama Says No More Rappers and Ballers

Kevin Jackson Shocks the World by Coming Out Not Gay!

On Scandalpalooza, Part I

Team Rubicon to the Rescue!

Obama v. W: Who Throws Like a Girl?

Obama Loses ONLY $50M in “Not-so-Green” Energy

NAACP Wants No Accountability for Black Educators

Black Obama Speaks at Morehouse

Obama Killed Osama Action Figures (Photo)

Racist Democrats Didn’t Like the Tea Party in 1929 Either

‘Let’s Move!’ to the Zoo

Obama, Not a Great Prez but a Great Pretender!

Want to Pay 100 Percent Tax? Move here!

Northwestern “White Heterosexual Male” Not Diverse!

Woman of “The View” Packing Heat

Beware! Arab Infiltration of America and Our Government?

Liberal Chick Asks They Know “Who is this guy Ben Ghazi is?”

Separated at Birth: Obama and a Certain Antagonist from the Bible TV Series

Obama: “I have complete confidence in Holder.”

New Benghazi Spin: Republicans Altered Emails

Obama Gave Order for IRS Intimidation

KFC Chicken Smuggling in the Middle East

IRS Will Strong-Arm ObamaCare!

No Marines for Benghazi, But…

IRS Cancels Softball Game with GOP

What an Umbrella Can Tell You

Third Ruling Class

The Nixonian Obama

How to fail brilliantly in Conservative Talk Radio, Part 3…

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