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A World Without Bocelli

Leftist Hypocrite on Guns Arrested for Having Gun

Wackademia doesn’t want Dr. Ben Carson

Obama Worst President on Jobs EVER!

Are You Pro-CHILD?

If you think the KIDS are bad…

Pick Your Favorite Obama Golf Blooper

Mommy Lobby to Boycott Victoria’s Secret Stores

When Liberals Tweet (Video)

Black Conservatives Praise the Constitution, Guns and God

Sexy Snails and Other Federally Funded Priorities

Persons On the Street Respond to Marriage “Equality” Questions

DHS Sec. Janet A. Napolitano Says to Trust Her: The Border Is Secure

Jim Carrey Pic On eBay to Fund Conceal Carry Class

Colorado Second Amendment Proponents Push Back with Recall

The Racist Penn Family (Video)

Epic Racist Democrat Rant Against Himself

Marc Lamont Hill Without Republicans

Soopermexican: So God Made a Liberal

Let’s Not Forget Gun Registration History

Armed Senior to the Rescue

3D Print Your Own Gun

Joe the Plumber Speaks Out About Prop 8

On Catching Flies in the Marriage Debate

Paul, Cruz and Lee Poised to Filibuster Gun Control Bill

Is Affirmative Action Destroying Black Pride

Michael Moore: “Fear and racism drive people to cling to guns”

Paul McKinley Running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s Old Seat

John Roberts has a 14th Amendment Family Dilemma

Hailstorm “Kapooya” (Video)

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