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Racist Democrat Political Tricks

Hollyweird Crackheads and Cracked Heads

Liberal Women Get Played

The Death of the Iron Lady

Wiener wants back in the buns of NYC

MSM: Accolades for Chavez, Disdain for Thatcher

Backstage at Hannity

Melissa Harris-Perry: Your kids aren’t yours!

NAACP Protested by Ex-NAACP!

Backstage with Dr. Carson: Does Black Crack?

A Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Oregon Gun Grabbers

Kansas Gov Brownback Signs HB 21 Recognizing All States’ Concealed Carry!

Obama Either Doesn’t Know Guns Or He lied

Michelle Obama: One ‘Busy Mother’

Obama Mourns Film Critic and Ignores SEAL Hero Chris Kyle

If Michelle Lived in a Farm in Iowa She’d Want a Gun

Saudi grand mufti calls for destruction of all churches in the area!

Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals Could Cost Billions

Child Hunger Rates High in the US

Chicago’s Violence Tax

Michelle Says Hubby Has Swag?

US Rep Diana Degette Doesn’t Realize Mags Can Be Reloaded!

It’s people, NOT guns that kill people!!

America the Good

Have you seen my constitutional government anywhere?

Liberty, Equality and Same Sex Marriage

Jen Lawson “Cold Dead Hands” (Video)

In the face of the sequester: Obama sends $500 million to Palestine

15 Year Old Girl’s Brilliant Pro-Gun Defense! (Video)

In the Face of Sequester: Obama Spends $350 Million to Push Sex on Kids

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