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Guts to Speak the Truth About Islam

Judge Jeanine Blasts Chicago Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy

Why Audiences Connect with Anne Hathaway’s Fantine

Man Breaks Into Lingerie Store, Gets Very Freaky

Long-time escort confirms Sen. Bob Menendez paid her for sex

Jimmy and Shelley share ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing’

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

Snowstorm In Chicago Delays Hundreds Of Morning Murders

The White Privilege Myth

Christian Pastor SMACKDOWN of Muslim “Cleric”

Oregon: Ban on Commonly Owned Firearms Introduced

Runaway Slave (Video)

Federal court says concealed gun permits not protected by 2nd Amendment

Chuck Todd on OFA Fundraising: ‘This Just Looks Bad’

“Joe Biden is what you get when you mix arrogance and senility”

Law Student OWNS Cop on Gun Laws

Actor James Franco’s Sexist Dig at Danica Before Daytona

Poll: Obama’s Approval Highest Since 2009

Conservatives and Candlesticks…

Win an AR-15 from Joe the Plumber!

Obama Visits Israel — OR When Satan Came To Town

Chicago Union: Let Us Carry Guns, Get Paid Like Cops

Obama urges SCOTUS to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act!



FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers

Firearms Companies Striking Back

Obama threatening veterans’ gun rights

Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising

Obama Threatens Veterans’ Gun Rights

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