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The Boogeyman and the State of the Union

The Distortion Lobe

Will Somebody Kill the Sacred Cows

The Legacy of the Skinny Kenyan

Politics – A Blood Sport

The Dark Age of X-Mas

Cain Brings Back Good Ol’ Days for Dems

Hanging by a Rope Thread

Obama’s Biggest Secret

Liberalism meets reality TV

When Liberals Ruled America

Cain’s Kryptonite

Gaddafi Gets it in the End

Obama Giving Rebates

OWS – Seinfeld of the Civil Rights Movement

Garofalo Obsessed with Lowly Negroes

Obama Roasts the CBC

Freeman Suffers from Shawshank Syndrome

The Poverty Line

If Only Obama Were White

Obama the Deliverer

Dems Clinging to their Jews and Religion

Obama’s Jobs Ponzi Scheme

It’s all about JOBS

Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance

The Blame Game

Garofalo – Skank Hollyweirdo Strikes Again

Obama: Uncommon Sense

Obama’s Cure for Failing America – A Party!

Boehner Should be a Goner

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