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Obama’s Whole Two Girlfriends

Chins Are the New Breasts?

Has Obama Killed Black Pride?

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10 Signs Obama is Panicking

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Truth Teams and Brain-Dead Drones

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Food Stamp President – Truth Hurts

The Boogeyman and the State of the Union

The Distortion Lobe

Will Somebody Kill the Sacred Cows

The Legacy of the Skinny Kenyan

Politics – A Blood Sport

The Dark Age of X-Mas

Cain Brings Back Good Ol’ Days for Dems

Hanging by a Rope Thread

Obama’s Biggest Secret

Liberalism meets reality TV

When Liberals Ruled America

Cain’s Kryptonite

Gaddafi Gets it in the End

Obama Giving Rebates

OWS – Seinfeld of the Civil Rights Movement

Garofalo Obsessed with Lowly Negroes

Obama Roasts the CBC

Freeman Suffers from Shawshank Syndrome

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