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Why I Voted Democrat!

Excuses for Obama Presidency…Already!

A Look at ObamaNation!

Where Are Obama’s Friends?

French President Disses Obama

Joe The Plumber – Fired!

Real Cojones

White Guilt 101

Bizarro World

Obama Love

Powell Demoted to “Field Negro”

Black Legion of Superheroes!

The Intervention

Racist Rednecks Spotted in PA

The Biden Experiment

Obama Grandma Gravely Ill

War Update – Part Deux

Colin Powell “Outed”

Obama ’09 Job Plan

War Update – Part Un

Messiah Visits Joe

Black on Black Crime?

Obama’s Economic Plan – Satire

McCain Goes Gloves Off – Satire

Brothas From Otha Muthas

Taxacious – Obama’s Pimp Name

Why I Might Vote for Obama – Satire

Hillary’s Executive Credentials

Obama’s Race Speech

Political Correctness?

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