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SERIOUSLY Islamic Studies Prof Teaches Consent NOT NECESSARY for Lawful Sex (video)

VIDEO: Fake News CNN Pulls the RACE CARD on Itself!

Rahm Emanuel BLASTED by Black Chicagoan at MSNBC Town Hall

TN Teacher: ‘The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter’

DISGUSTING: Where Women’s March Organizer Just Showed Up

VIDEO: Thousands Protest Shouting “Death To America”

Black Trump Supporter gets BRUTAL with Democrats About Muslims in His City (video)

Over 200 Trump Inauguration Day Rioters INDICTED

Congressman Trey Gowdy SLAMS 9th Circuit Court Jesters

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos THREATENED Outside DC School

NEGRO PLEASE: Obama Signed Bill BANNING Government Use of Word ‘Negro’

Syrian President Admits Trump is Right: Refugees Are Terrorists

Fired By State Over Sermons, Georgia Pastor Wins Settlement

VIDEO: Senate GOP Introduces Bill To Break Up The ‘LEFTIST’ 9th Circuit Court

Coming to America: Homeless JUNKIES Living in Graves

Deporting of Illegals UNDERWAY: Protesters Chain Themselves to ICE Vehicle

IRS UPHEAVAL: President Trump About to Make MAJOR Tax Announcement

Watch Obama WINDSURFING As He Takes Time Off from Bashing Trump

More REAL Jobs: Trump Announces $7 Billion Investment By Intel

CSUF Professor ASSAULTS Conservative Student on Camera

Senator Tim Scott Reads His Hate Mail: Dems Hate Blacks (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Warns Democrats: Party Comeback ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen In 2018’ (Video)

Marine Who Told Brutal Truth About ‘Muslim Ban’ KICKED OUT of Iraq [Video]

Media SUICIDAL: President Trump Holds RECORD Approval Rating

Fake News Alert: CNN Caught Red Handed Planting Debate Questions

WATCH Marco Rubio: Fantastic Speech BLASTING Elizabeth Warren

WATCH Travel Ban Protesters REFUSE to Help Refugees

Farrakhan Proposes SHOCKING Revelation About Black Men? (video)

INCREDIBLE: Republican Needs POLICE ESCORT because of Angry Leftist Mob (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Trump BUSTS Major Islamic Spy Ring Where Obama Implicated

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