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FBI Director James Comey Being Sued: Accused of Espionage [VIDEO]

BAT-CRAP CRAZY Nancy Pelosi Giggles in Tough Questions

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Judge Re-Elected after Sexting and Sending Bailiff for Drugs

Women in Maine Watch Your Vaginas: Mutilation Approved

Creep Urinates on Woman’s face on NYC Subway

Seattle Councilman: Removing Excrement off Sidewalks is RACIALLY INSENSITIVE

GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton’s Emails Committed Suicide

BOMBSHELL: Leaked Documents Show Democrats Plotted to Blame Russia

Plead the 5th: Loretta Lynch LIED to House Judiciary Committee

2020 Presidential Fodder NYC Mayor Blows off NYC Cops

Democrat Leader Senator Dick Durban REFUSES to Release His Emails with GOP Baseball Gunman

NYC Mayor de Blasio FORCES NYC TAXPAYERS to Pay His Legal Bill for Ethical Issues

Hey Leftists Let’s Compare Eric Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Haircut to Other Notables

Kevin Jackson Appears on Tucker Carlson to Discuss BLACK LIVES MATTER [VIDEO]