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Democratic Congressmen Build WEBSITE DEDICATED TO LEAKING Information

ESPN Anchor Offers RACE FRAUD SHAUN KING $50K to Take a DNA Test After Kaepernick Rant

Comey Testimony: Two BOMBSHELLS the Media Will Soon Discuss

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Political Comments This Week [VIDEOS]

ISIS Wannabes ANTIFA Members Arrested With Homemade Bombs, and Dynamite!

Muslim Mayor of London GRILLED: Can’t Track 400 Terrorists in London [VIDEO]

Democrats’ Response to Hillary Clinton: Please Go Away [VIDEO]

COMBATIVE DEBATE: Trump Adviser Tells CNN Chris Cuomo He’s ‘Fake News Propaganda’ (VIDEO)

NSA Contractor ARRESTED: Accused of Leaking Top Secret Report on Russian Hacking Efforts

Muslims Celebrate London Attacks: ‘F*ck you and f*ck your flag’ [VIDEO]

Horrific: Check Out NUMBER OF PEOPLE KILLED So Far During Ramadan “Holy Month”

INCREDIBLE: CNN STAGES FAKE Anti-ISIS Protest in Wake of London Attack [VIDEO]

Kathy Griffin TARGETED ATTACKS on Barron Trump Months Ago [VIDEO]


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Disguises Voice to Get Info on Lawsuit Against Her

Nancy Pelosi: Backing out of Paris Climate Farce ‘Dishonors God’ [VIDEO]

French President Offers REFUGEE STATUS to U.S. Leftists [VIDEO]

Teacher Performs ‘Surprise’ Erotic Drag Show at 4th Grade Talent Show [VIDEO]

BOMBSHELL: Huma Abedin Emails Connect Clinton Foundation to Russia

The Leftist History of President Trump Beheadings [VIDEO]

LeBron ‘King’ James: Big Black Whiny Obama Baby [VIDEO]

Psychotic Leftist Planned to KILL PRESIDENT TRUMP at DC Trump Hotel [VIDEO]

Stabbing Victim Says Portland Has a ‘WHITE SAVIOR COMPLEX’

Maxine Waters GOES BALLISTIC When Confronted By Constituent [VIDEO]

Black Democrat Congressman SLAMS OBAMACARE then removes tweet

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Gets PISSED On LIVE TV Over One Question [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Channels John Lennon: Wears Anti-Seizure Glasses at Parade [VIDEO]

8th Graders Bully Speaker Ryan On DC Field Trip [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Coughs Her Wellesley Commencement Speech [VIDEO]

LAUGHABLE HYPOCRISY: Democrats Cry Foul During Party Election

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