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Let’s Crash the ObamaCare “Youth Summit Social”

Sinister Source Code in the Obamacare Program!

Obama Kicks Rosa Parks Out of Her Bus Seat

Chuck Todd praises private over public sector!

Barack Obama, the Non-Ideological Ideologue

Obama officially endorses the gay agenda

Obama Replaces Website Concerns with Mega Fundraising

Liberals Love Misery

What! The Rising Oceans are Not Slowing?

Sebelius Spares No Expense to Save Money

Dem Rep says It’s unaffordable, but I support Obamacare!

12 Reasons Why Obama is One of the Best Presidents Ever…NOT!

Stupak Feeling Stupid Bamboozled by Obama’s Lies!

Snapshot! Prez and VP’s Prayerful Handholding Session

Barack “Misinformation” Obama’s Mathematical Meeting

Suing Over Racist Paint Color

Obama Goons Get First Casualty

The New Lower Bar for ObamaCare

Black Students mad at Obama for ObamaCare

Obama Pleads Ignorance

President Pinocchio’s War of Distraction

Yesirree! ‘We the People’ are Pushing Back

Nancy Pelosi: Math Genius Extraordinaire

Fix Delayed–Dems Set Deadline To Fix Broken Obamacare

Serial Philanderer Bill Clinton Lectures Barack Obama about Commitment

Bollywood Dancer Michelle Obama Does the Twirl

Abortion at the Root of the Obamacare Chaos

Liberalism and the Car Wreck (Video)

ObamaCare Has a REAL Poster Child

No Free Thinking Allowed: Everybody Repeat After Obama: 2 + 2 = 5

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