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Democrats in BIG TROUBLE over this

Liberals love their diversity…training

La Raza: We don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Teacher wants private info on students’ parents

Democrat Strategy: Demean Women

Try this app to be sure your date is interested

One of these is real: unicorn, the competent Liberal politician, or voter fraud

Black state senator almost shot

Ferguson protester explains cop shooting vs black-on-black murder

Liberals: Just a trillion more to save the world

DC Media caught reporting REAL news on Hot Mic!

St Louis’ Protests of PAID Occupiers

Leftist idiots want Obama for this role!

Liberal woman hates black people

Leftist throwdown over Islam

Liberal Candidates are golden if they do this

Ebola vomit washed down the sewer

Elbert Guillory’s message to white Democrats

Secede from the Kingdom of O

Want to know how Democrats feel about Hillary…

Democrat Senator busies himself with NFL

ObamaCare will DELIVER! (video)

Michael Moore is now a RACIST

This NOT just in: Obama is a FOOL

It’s time the Left admit they are fools

Thug robs a 74 year old Grandma (video)

So much for putting black guy in charge in Ferguson

Hillary vs Barack Round Two

Obama’s clever way to extort McDonald’s

Obama, aloof?

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