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Explaining Liberalism through hygiene

Man with 132lb scrotum could have used ObamaCare

Pro-Choice Dad kills toddler

Rep. Jackson Lee: U.S. ‘operating under’ Constitution for past 400 years

To fight racism, college plans happy hour that excludes whites

Spread the Wealth: Share Your Burrito So Someone Else Can Have More

The Big Apple’s crime against black babies

Obama Is Going to Train More Americans?

Oh joy! Another Obama Selfie!

Mrs. Obama Schools Confused and Bewildered Grocery Shoppers

The Brother Barack Obama Doesn’t Keep

Jimmy Fallon is so not funny

Ben Affleck Does the Congressional Congo

Anti-Colonial Comedian Aamer Rahman Loves to Bash Whites!

We PROVE the farce of global warming (video)

Mrs. Knucklehead Smiff Calls Millennials Knuckleheads

The President’s Water-Guzzling Golf and Other Grifter Activities

Broken Promise Zones Pt 1

Sandbagging Princes Shame King and Queen Obama

Could Barack Obama’s Earwax Tell All?

Do Liberals Care if Third World Diseases Infect Americans?

Obama just “come out” already!

Samuel L. Jackson admits he voted for Obama based on skin color

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Little François Hollande Gone?

Mrs. Obama, Do Bo and Sunny Lick Cake off China Too?

Sochi Gets a Visit from the La Taxa Nostra aka IRS

Was Obama STONED in this interview about Olympics?

Colin Powell is a Moron…PERIOD

Half-Baked Driving Deaths Triple in the US

Muslim Crusader Bill de Blasio!

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