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Oh Where, Oh Where Has Little François Hollande Gone?

Mrs. Obama, Do Bo and Sunny Lick Cake off China Too?

Sochi Gets a Visit from the La Taxa Nostra aka IRS

Was Obama STONED in this interview about Olympics?

Colin Powell is a Moron…PERIOD

Half-Baked Driving Deaths Triple in the US

Muslim Crusader Bill de Blasio!

Michelle Obama’s Not-Quite-Right Fundraising Story

Radicals Uncovered: Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky

Hillary’s Regrets: Do they include Benghazi? (Video)

Holder: Trust me! Kids will never use pot!

Michelle Obama Wore A-What-A to to the SOTU?

Who’s the Big Fat Idiot?

Obama works in soup kitchen

Income Inequality? Michelle O’s Income Unequal 50th B-day Party

Holder shakes down ‘racist’ lenders to tune of $1 billion

Andrew Cuomo Insults New York Conservatives

Madonna #Hashtags the N Word

Politically Incorrect Support for Burger King

4 Good Reasons NOT to Vote for Hillary in 2016!

And the ObamaCare Lies Continue!

Pols: Could you please stop pretending to follow sports?

Paternity Test Confirmed: George W. Bush is Obama’s Daddy

Target v. Obamacare on Transparency

Government Zombies See Dead People

New York City: You’ve Been Warned!

Sheila Jackson Lee Wants to Revamp Welfare’s Image

President Obama’s Weekly Address, Annotated Edition (Video)

Guts! Little Sisters Take on Big Brother

Michelle Obama’s nutritious lunch program FAILED

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