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The Meaning Behind Obama’s Ums and Uhs

BREADCRUMBS: Hillary Clinton won’t run for president

Viral: Sad sister advice column

In Californicate men can be women, and women can be men

Family of dead robber says he’s the victim (video)

White Liberal Women worse than slavery on blacks

American taxpayers officially funding crackheads

Tree huggers in distress (video)

California lottery for the homeless

Black Marine says Clive Bundy is NOT a racist

Clarence Thomas makes Michigan blacks equal to whites

Any guesses to religion of Kansas highway shooter?

Bloomberg appoints himself a Saint

Barack Obama celebrates Southern Racist black-hating LBJ

Reality Show Beauty TORCHES Leftist Who Asked About “Her favorite position”

Obama’s productivity secrets?…SERIOUSLY!

You’ve heard of “cow tipping,” but in the city they tip smart cars!

Pelosi may need rehab (video)

You’d think Hillary Clinton could name her own accomplishments

Gov’t LOOKS for crap to regulate; here’s the latest

Another Jesse Jackson family member declared crazy

Dems send pre-marked voter registration cards

BREAKING: Piers Morgan to join Fox News

Top 10 Most Impoverished Cities (Amazing)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz royal ObamaCare screwup

MSNBC finances in the toilet!

Is Bill Clinton a pedophile?

Voter ID Scam by Democrats

ObamaCare Restaurant Surcharge?

Detroit’s Unspeakable Horror

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