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Political Illusions Exposed

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LEFTISTS FREAK OUT: PHOTO of Kellyanne Conway at White House

Leftist Says White Men Should Pay 5 Percent Extra Taxes Due to Privilege

BREAKING: President Trump’s Navy Secretary Nominee Withdraws

WIMP George Bush: Quiet on Obama But Bush Criticizes Trump

Feminist Movement Dealt MOST SERIOUS Blow in Decades

Obama and Other Black Leftists Slap Civil Rights Movement in the FACE

Hollywood Privilege: ICONIC Actor Accuses Hollywood of Racist Double Standards

SURPRISE: Oscars Already Being LAMPOONED by Poster

Lunatic Leftists Equate Chants of “USA” at CPAC to Nazism

President Trump SMASHES Reagan’s 1987 Record of All-Time Highs

FAKE RACISM: Black Waitress FAKES Racist Note and Collects Thousands

ICONIC Hollywood Actor DIES of Complications During Surgery

Major Media Figure Tells Press: ‘STOP WHINING’ About President Trump

Hillary Clinton Stars in Film that Topped the WORST FILM List of 2016

Rachel Dolezal: Jobless and Living on Food Stamps and Facing Eviction

Terrorist Drives Vehicle into Pedestrians: Shot by police [VIDEO]

President Trump Makes HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT Ahead of White House Correspondents’ Dinner

EX-COP Interrupts CRAZED MUSLIM Plan to Bring Down Plane Mid-Flight [VIDEO]

Black Comedian RIDICULES White Women Who Support Black Lives Matter [VIDEO]

How Single Mother Spent Her Tax Return GOES VIRAL

Starbucks Brand Loses 24 Percent of Value After MAJOR Gaffe Against Trump

Jesse Jackson Jr: $138K Taxpayer Funding Goes to Convicted Felon and Race Pimp

President Trump’s Latest Move Sends SHOCKWAVES Among Illegals

The Party That Booed God SHUTS DOWN Pastor at GOP Event [VIDEO]

BREAKING: CNN, LA Times Politico New York Times banned from White House daily briefing room

From Her RAT HOLE Hillary Clinton Offers Message to DNC

Trump HAMMERS “Clinton News Network” During CPAC Speech (VIDEO)

BAD MOVE: Protester Spits In Police Officer’s Face (VIDEO)

BAD IDEA: Things Didn’t Go Well for Twitter Troll Who Calls Out Boxer [EPIC VIDEO]

Trump Cheered in AZ Over New Immigration Guidelines

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