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Political Illusions Exposed

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BEATINGS AND ROBBERIES: California BART Passengers Get What They Voted For

Nancy Pelosi May Be DUMBEST POLITICIAN EVER: Says Border Wall is a Sign of Weakness [VIDEO]

Could a Barbecue Really End the Terrorist Threat?

Black Lives Matter: The TERRORIST BLM PROM DRESS The Left Happily Embraces

OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY”

CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump

WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN!

DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO]

HYPOCRITE: Millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders Targets BILLIONAIRES

Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend


Meet the GAY FEMINIST SELLOUT Who Threatened the GOP

ISIS Takes Credit for MURDER of Russian Intelligence Agents

The University of Chicago to Allow Black Terrorist to Speak

American Airlines Worker ACCEPTS Passenger’s Challenge to Fight [VIDEO]

FLAKKA: The Drug Every American Should Know About

Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously

EMBARRASSING: FAKE NEWS Doesn’t Get More Obvious Than This!

I TOLD YOU SO: Trump Reacts to the Paris Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]

WAS SHE DRUNK: Maxine Waters EXPLAINS Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

Reschedule Reaction! Coulter BLASTS Berkeley Enablers of ‘Rodney King-Style Rioters’ [VIDEO]

ISIS TAKES CREDIT: Another Muslim Terror Attack in Paris

RUSSIAN STORY FAKE: CIA and FBI Launch Massive Manhunt for ‘Insider’

NEW STUDY: Trump Brings RECORD SAVINGS to American Taxpayers

White Republican Men: Here Is Your FUTURE! [VIDEO]

IDIOT: Olympic Gold Medalist Praises North Korea on Conquering Obesity

Berkeley Terrorists: Students Call for Beheadings of Berkeley College Republicans

Trump’s Latest OBAMA LEGACY SMACKDOWN Just Happened [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly officially FIRED from Fox News!

DANGEROUS LEFTISM: Reason When Muslims Kill It’s Not Considered HATE [VIDEO]

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