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Summer of Butt-Kicking: Dems Want Another Round with Trump

Maxine Waters Meltdown: Repeats Same Sentence 14 Times

6 Mind-Blowing Rights Women Have That Men Do Not

San Francisco Ban Showcases Racist School Policy [VIDEO]

FOR A GOOD LAUGH: Heard the Democrats’ New Slogan?

Leftists Protest New WWII Movie over Lack of Diversity [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo APOLOGIZES: ‘I’m an Addict Who’s Hit Bottom’

Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Admission

HACK COMIC George Lopez: ‘Deport the Police’

Restaurant Chain Kicks out Veterans for Being ‘Gangbangers’

Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

Karma Gets TRUMP-BASHING NBC Chief White House Reporter [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor EMBARRASSES Clintons (VIDEO)

Sen. Schumer Caught Dancing Awkwardly With Plantation Workers [VIDEO]

Bernie and Jane Sanders LAWYER UP: Sanders Under FBI Investigation

Johnny Depp Threatens Trump in Hopes of Career Revival

Nancy Pelosi BLAMES TRUMP for Violence Against Republicans [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Offers CLASSIC LINE When Asked About Her Problems [Video]

For Butt-hurt Leftists: Obama Butt Balm [Video]

Al Gore CONFRONTED Over Failed Climate Predictions [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi: Backing out of Paris Climate Farce ‘Dishonors God’ [VIDEO]

New Poll: President Trump Has 99 Percent Chance of Re-Election

LAUGHABLE HYPOCRISY: Democrats Cry Foul During Party Election

Protesters Call for Maxine Waters’ Impeachment in front of her $3 Million Home [VIDEO]


If Boy Scouts is for Girls Then Let’s Dump Women’s Sports

MEN CONFRONT LIONS: All zoos are petting zoos if you have the guts [VIDEO]

MEDIA SHOCK: Trump Dining Habit causes BRAIN DAMAGE to Leftists

Will Keith Olbermann Be Arrested for his latest rant? Some say YES!

MEANING? Man Discovers Trump Secret Code In Termination Letter To Comey

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