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Leftist REMOVES POLL After Trump Shown Winning

SURPRISE: Obama Campaign Manager Fined $90,000 For Illegal Lobbying

Bernie Sanders Calls CNN Fake News

Watch Obama WINDSURFING As He Takes Time Off from Bashing Trump

Social Media Giant Raises MILLIONS to Sue Trump

Obama: More DEPLORABLE Record on Immigration Restrictions than Trump

Left Meltdown: Bona Fide White Supremacy EXPOSED in Super Bowl

WATCH: Joy Behar Attempt To Ridicule Trump BLOWS UP in Her Face

Obama DHS Awards $400,000 to Crazed Trump-Bashing Organizer Before Leaving Office

STUNNING Video: Cars Plow Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road

HILARIOUS: Trump Sings His Version of Adele’s “Hello” to Hillary Clinton

Obama’s Job Approval Myth SHATTERED by New Gallup Poll

Racist Black Relic Democrat Congressman John Lewis Calls Trump Illegitimate

When President Trump Reads Obama’s Emails

Joe Biden Ignores the Protest of the Silly Congressional Negroes

Obama: Protecting America From Terrorism Better Than the White Guys

More Democrat Lies and Other Russian Hacking Urban Legends

Trump Fans Cause Tweet Seizures

Consumer Confidence; Trump Polls Yuuge

Merry Christmas Video: Trump and Tea Party Community

New York Republican Wishes Mad Cow Disease on Obama

More Evidence: Putin Openly Hacks Democrats

Remember The Times Obama Mocked Trump

Democrats Would Love to Assassinate Trump

Being Happy About Trump Winning Shows Lack of Civility?

Liberals’ Pathetic High School Humor Directed at Trump

Melania Threatens to Sue “Is Barron Trump Autistic?” Producer

The Sweet Sound of “President Obama’s Last”

Thanksgiving Dinner: Anti-Trump Pansies Suck It Up

Chelsea Clinton Hints at Future for Clintons

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