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Unhyphenated America

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ALERT: Does SMOKING GUN on Paul Manafort implicate Trump?

LGBT Publishes Gay Bible: I DARE them to Write a ‘Gay Quran’

The Kaepernick Effect: 8-Yr-Olds Kneel at Football Game [VIDEO]

Leftists Report GOOD NEWS: Chicago Murders Top 500

Stephen Colbert SUCKS and so did the 2017 Emmy’s Ratings

St. Louis: Black Speakers KICKS Black Lives Matter Off Stage [VIDEO]

Racist Firefighter: ‘One Dog is More Important than a Million Blacks’

HYSTERICAL: Katy Perry Selling Concert Tickets On Groupon

EXPECT MORE: St. Louis Police CLASH with Protesters After Verdict [VIDEO]

When Will UK Learn: London Subway Bombed by Terrorists

Stockley Verdict: St Louis Braces for Ferguson-Like Riots [VIDEO]

Media Alert: 91 Percent of Trump News Negative

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Fashion: Michelle Obama Named ‘Best Dressed’

Portland Police Squash Gang Database: Not Enough WHITES

SHOCKING Result: Rioter Learns His Fate in Court

Leftist Chick Loves Hooking Up With Trump Supporters

Obama: The Putz Who PRETENDED He Was King

Embarrassing Twitter Poll on Trump Backfires on Leftists

Google Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Comply or Lose Revenue

It’s OFFICIAL: Eric Bolling OUT at Fox News after report of lewd text messages

Hillary Clinton MODELS for Time Magazine [VIDEO]

LYAO: Compilation of FAKE NEWS Media Flip-Flops

NSA: FBI Comey REJECTED Offer for Clinton Emails

Pelosi: ‘Voters Don’t Want to Hear us Criticizing the President’

Latest Trump Move Puts An End To Welfare Leeches


Gorka Blows EVERY liberals Head With His GENUS Comments ON Trump

Democrat STUNS Court: Admits Unthinkable About Leftists

McCain blasts Trump as ‘Poorly informed’ often ‘Impulsive’

President Trump Stops MASSIVE 26 Percent Government Raise

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