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Obama Backstabs Israel: Sent $221 Million To Palestinians In His Final Hours

Did President Trump Just Steal the Unions from Democrats?

BAD MOVE: You Won’t Believe What This Protester Did to Cop

Madonna: Blowing Up Trump Was Just a Metaphor

Leftist Inauguration Insanity Media Didn’t Want You to See

Muslims and Leftists Desecrate U.S. Flag at Unhinged Women’s March (VIDEO)

Shock Video: Democrat Sets Fire to Trump Supporter’s Hair at Inaugural Protest

The Bet on Trump Is Already Paying Off

JUST IN: Trump Makes Good on Another GIANT Campaign Pledge

Vagina-Hat-Wearing Locusts Left DC in Piles of Trash

Woman Kicked Off Plane for Harassing Trump Supporter (video)

Bill Maher: Trump Voters Are ‘F*cking Drug Addicts (video)

HOT: Inauguration Terrorists Got MAJOR Wake-Up Call

Washington University Offers a Class on Kanye West

Chris Matthews Calls President Trump’s Speech “Hitlerian”

NBC Writer Attacks 10-Year Old Barron Trump

The Vagina-Heads Marched on Washington DC

Riots: The Obama Administration Preserves Part of its Legacy

Leftists Created Inauguration Day Safe Spaces

Washington DC Has to Grow the F Up

Leftist Pansies Inauguration Protests Won’t Scare Trump Supporters

Challenge Trump: Michelle Obama’s Next Move

Macy’s Posts Major Losses After Ditching Trump

America’s First Pole Dancing First Lady

Trump: LGBT and Women Will Soon Worship Him and Abandon Obama

Trump Epic Slapdown of Racist Relic Democrat John Lewis

Clinton Foundation Beginning the Shutdown

Good Riddance: Thanks for Nothing Barack Obama

Dream Act: Obama Political Payback on Trump Backfires

Racist Black Relic Democrat Congressman John Lewis Calls Trump Illegitimate

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