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Leftists LIVID: Trump Declares Blacks Officially Equal to Whites

San Francisco Ban Showcases Racist School Policy [VIDEO]

Students GET EVEN with Anti-Trump Math Teachers [VIDEO]

Leftists Protest New WWII Movie over Lack of Diversity [VIDEO]

NEW POLL: Trump Most Hated President in History?

Muslim Student Killed: Questions Islam in Public [VIDEO]

President Trump Winning: Leftists SUE FOR ACCESS to Tweets

LEFTIST PLOY: ‘Life Plan’ REQUIRED for Chicago Public School Grads [VIDEO]

High-Ranking Democrats BLOCKED Witnesses in Russian Probe

Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

PC Culture BACKFIRE: Leftist Professor FIRED for Comments on Warmbier

Ellen DeGeneres Forgot She Used to be Friends with Trump

Black Professor Says ‘Let White People F*cking Die’

Black Activist Suspended from Teaching after Appearance on Fox News

Who Knew Wonder Woman Hated Black People

Leftist Colleges Training up New Generation of “Social Justice Warriors”

Message to Leftists: You Violent Punks OWN this Shooting

Illinois Democrat Introduces Bill to Stop Trump Tweets

Leftist Student Organization Wants GOP Dead

Ted Cruz DEMOLISHES Harvard Professor in American History [VIDEO]

The Leftist History of President Trump Beheadings [VIDEO]


Discrimination: When you can’t BAN WHITE PEOPLE from Campus

8th Graders Bully Speaker Ryan On DC Field Trip [VIDEO]

Tennessee SHOCKS College Snowflakes with Latest Decision

Bill Nye the Science Hack Gets DESTROYED

Marc Lamont Hill STUMPED: Can’t Name One Example of Right-Wing Rioters [VIDEO]

CNN Meltdown: Navy Seal Slams Liberal Anchor [VIDEO]

Black Racist College Snowflakes Demand SEGREGATED Residence Halls

Why President Trump Will Win Millennial Vote in Future Elections [VIDEO]

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