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Perfect Metaphor: Jeep Carrying Castro’s Body Breaks Down

Liberals Run to Supreme Court to Fight for Useful Black Idiots

Barack Obama: Democrats’ Big Failure

Supreme Court Warfare: Old Game With New Rules

Being Happy About Trump Winning Shows Lack of Civility?

Kevin Jackson Destroys Racist Democrat Keith Ellison

Proof That “Scandal-Free” Barack Obama Never Gave Up Cocaine

Jill Stein’s GrassRoots Recount Has One Major Funder

Dirty Tricks: Hidden Agenda of the Stein-Clinton Recount

The Sweet Sound of “President Obama’s Last”

Obama Talked Hillary Clinton Off the Ledge

Clinton Covers Up Child Porn Scandal

Trump’s Brilliant Move

Could Hillary Still Win The Presidency? Some say yes

New Polls for Trump Are Yuuge

Sanctuary Cities: Trump’s First Challenge

The Clinton Foundation in Financial Freefall

President-Elect Trump Lays Out Vision for America and First 100 Days

Death Threats: Last Bastion for Hillary Clinton Supporters

Broadway Show Hamilton Likely Broke NYC Human Rights Laws

Video of Election Night Premature Celebration by Clintons

Wasserman-Schultz Brazile and Pelosi Losing Leftist War on Women

Leftist Wants to Tell Us What Fake News Is?

The Dismal Obama Legacy: Giving Republicans Total Control of Government

Clinton Claims Media Was Pro-Trump

Trump Gets the Last Laugh on Liberals (Video)

Obama Won’t Make Presidential Transition to Trump Easy

Comparison of Trump vs. Clinton Campaign Spending

Leftist Losers and their Phony Protests

Is James Comey Getting Fired??

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