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Bill Clinton Is Officially White Again

Hillary Clinton’s unflattering new title

Trump About to Really Get Tested

Pulp Fiction: Why Cruz Will Win Part I

Black Liberals’ Beef with The Clintons

Howard Schultz: Social Engineering via the Permanent Campaign

Why Cruz Will Likely Win GOP Nomination

Supposedly More on Cruz Pending from Enquirer

More Immunity: Indictment of Hillary Clinton Getting Closer?

The Left Has a ONE Word Fear of Trump

You Cruz You Lose?

This Trump Stat Definitely Scares the Left

FBI Targets Email From The Clinton Foundation

The Clintons’ Rap Video: Must See For All Liberals

If Trump Were Kasich

Democrats Love Crime and Terrorism

Muslim Brotherhood Using Black Slaves to Target Trump

Shocking: RNC Insider Says GOP Picks Winner NOT Public

Timing of This Could Sink Hillary Clinton

Kevin Jackson on Fox Business: Racist Liberals Orchestrating Riots

TrumpCare Facts: Universal Coverage

Craigslist Cleveland: Liberals Using OUR Money Against Us?

What Facebook Won’t Tell Conservatives

Kevin Jackson Speaks on FOX News About Chicago Protest of Trump

Secret Service Step In on Trump: Close Call in Dayton

Bloomberg: What Do Clinton’s Know That Kept Him Out

Clock Ticking for Hillary Clinton

Mitch McConnell & 90 Pounds of Cocaine

Does Trump Really Want Cruz One on One?

Obama: So What An Old White Republican Lady Died

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