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A Memorial Day Video Sure to Warm Your Heart

Senator Tom Cotton Destroys Harry Reid

What if Meat Eaters Talked like This?

Can You ID the Instigator?

Democratic Elitists Are Feeling the Bern (video)

Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: Bill Clinton’s Stance on Immigration [VIDEO]

College Students’ Gender Stupidity [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton: Gangs Are Like Family

Oops: White Valedictorian at Black College

Tolerant Liberal Does THIS to Elderly Hispanic

A Trump Parody Even Trump Supporters Will Enjoy (video)

Racist Pictures Had Clues to its Artist: Can You Find Them?

Carly Fiorina Has Some Explaining To Do

Tea Party Riot in California (video)

Remember This Ethno-Centric Racist?

Which Democrat Will This Thief Support

35 Second Video That Should Sink Hillary Clinton

I Predicted This Leftist Group Would Fail

This is How to Handle Disruptive Students

Russians Provoke Obama: Here’s How He Fights Back

Imagine If This Was Your Grandmother…

Hillary and Bill de Blasio: Racist blunder?

Proof that Bernie Sanders is bat crap crazy!

Girl Moved Aside for Queen Hillary (video)

Stupid Leftists: Robberies Gone Wrong

Teacher Knocks Down Autistic Student

Young Chinese Man Mocks Subway Rules Then This Happens

Wow: Don’t Judge This Chubby Guy

Woman Harbors Cop Shooter Then Says This

Obama: The Convoluted Communists

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