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When It Comes to Muslims, That’s Not Who We Are

What Leftists Can Learn About Parenting

Watch Trump’s Reaction When He’s Asked This About China

Gallery: Bernie Sanders’ Promises

Christie Exposed Rubio BAD

Trump Finds A New Friend in Ben Carson

Dems Scrambling to Replace Hillary?

What the Left Can Learn From Angela Merkel’s Refugee Mistake

Clerk Beaten: Should Have Known This

Trump Said This of Candidates Who Skipped Debates

Selling this Hoodie Is Considered a Hate Crime

Trump Says He Will Win and Can Expand Republican Base

Priceless Response to FBI Probe by Hillary Clinton

Democrat Derailed on Gun Control in Classic Exchange

College Students Amazing Response to Waving of ISIS Flag

Candidate Obama Discusses Presidential Vacations

What Murderer Says To Parents of Victim Would Make Obama Proud

Hillary is Late… Again!

How Trump Could Undoubtedly Win the Election

Military Mob Takes Over Smithsonian

Ted Cruz Praised by Unlikely Source

Terrorism in America is Non-Existent Under Obama

Shocking: Obama’s Record for College Shootings

Let’s All Convert to Islam and Really Piss Off the Left

Think Hillary Clinton Can’t Sing

Can You Spot the Difference: Media Questions Barack Obama and Ben Carson

Yoga: Bleeding Heart Liberal Style (video)

The GOP’s Relationship with Conservatives

Volcanoes Need To Be Taxed!

Interview with “Angry Foreigner,” Multiculturalism’s Havoc Wrought on Sweden

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