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HEY OBAMA: Trump’s MAGIC WAND Creates Another 25,000 Jobs

SHOCKING: Nanny Cam Confirms Woman’s Worst Fears

Real Hollywood Hero Recognized with Army’s Highest Civilian Award

Ridiculous College Snowflake Experience Caught on Camera

FBI Director Refuses to Tell Congress If He Discussed Wiretaps with Obama (VIDEO)

Democrats Admit: We Got Nothing On Trump And Russia

Secret Service Weapons Are AWESOME [VIDEO]

ALERT: Brussels Explosion Called a ‘Gas Leak’ [VIDEO]

Husband KNOCKS OUT 3 Thugs Who Attacked His Wife [VIDEO]

PATHETIC: VA Removes President Trump’s Picture

Mother KICKS Baby As Spectators Do Nothing [VIDEO]

BAD IDEA: Things Didn’t Go Well for Twitter Troll Who Calls Out Boxer [EPIC VIDEO]

LAKE BERRYESSA SPILLOVER: Tunnel to another world

Watch: Street Justice DISHED OUT To Man Who Attack Old Woman

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters PUNKED by Russian Comedian (video)

Watch Obama WINDSURFING As He Takes Time Off from Bashing Trump

More REAL Jobs: Trump Announces $7 Billion Investment By Intel

INCREDIBLE: Republican Needs POLICE ESCORT because of Angry Leftist Mob (VIDEO)

Mayor Calls HIS Staged Protesters “Uneducated Morons”

HILARIOUS: Trump Sings His Version of Adele’s “Hello” to Hillary Clinton

WAIT! Planned Parenthood Exposed in a New Cover-Up

Secret Service Agent: I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet for Trump (video)

DANG! President Trump Keeps Embarrassing Obama

WOW! Nasty Chuck Schumer Manhandled on Senate Floor!

Leftist Inauguration Insanity Media Didn’t Want You to See

Shock Video: Democrat Sets Fire to Trump Supporter’s Hair at Inaugural Protest

Chris Matthews Calls President Trump’s Speech “Hitlerian”

Riot: Check Out Obama’s Legacy in Action in DC (video)

SHOCKING: Conservative Response to Hollywood Anti-Trump Video

EPIC: Donald Trump CNN Smackdown of CNN Reporter

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