Spitzer’s Troubles

What I find most interesting here is that it took me a lot of searching to find out that Spitzer was a Democrat, showing my obvious (intentional) ignorance of NY politics.

I figured he was, since this is the state that voted a carpet-bagger liberal from Arkansas as their senator.

Secondly, and perhaps most enlightening, I know that if Spitzer had been a Republican governor, the headlines would have read “REPUBLICAN (yes, in all CAPS!) Governor of New York Involved in Prostitution Scandal”, leaving little doubt to his political affiliation!

What may be more interesting, however, and has been pointed out is that Spitzer indeed fought for tougher laws against “johns” frequenting prostitutes, in his role as Attorney General, all the while being a “john”!

Perhaps he felt that he was beyond the reach of the law? An elitist attitude reminiscent of John “I Rode on a Swiftboat in Vietnam” Kerry.

And the idea that when Switzer was attorney general of NY, he waged a smear campaign against Republican and State Representative John Bruno around use of his private plane. It appears to me that perhaps Spitzer wanted to borrow the plane to fly his callgirls around? Jealousy – one of the seven deadly sins.

Recall that Spitzer is also the man who wanted to grant illegal aliens drivers licenses (a euphemistic way of stacking the Democratic voter registrations). Maybe we will learn later that one of Spitzer’s call-girls is an illegal alien, yes, a dominatrix who calls herself…Veronica?

My final thoughts are Spitzer is obviously no Bill Clinton, and doesn’t possess the ability to redefine terms like, well…”is”!

Personally, I am disappointed in his ability to extricate himself from this, and this is a news story, where I would have appreciated him taking a more Clintonesque approach.

He simply rolled over! No finger wagging, with that stern look into the cameras for the people of NY with, “…I DID NOT have sexual relations with those callgirls” speech!

No stained blue dress, or in Spitzer’s case “dresses”, or blaming of the vast “right-wing conspiracy” [for making the call-girls available to him, no doubt].

No pseudo-mea culpa, then appointment of Al Sharpton [or insert “Black religious leader” of choice here] as his “spiritual advisor”, and then giving him The Bronx as reparations.

Where’s the fun in just resigning?

Spitzer needs a backbone, or a wife who is willing to roll up her sleeves and parade all these “K Willie’s” [“K Willie”: An otherwise reputable and beautiful woman, who once put in the Clinton line of sight is branded a prostitute, liar, whore, or slut”] in front of America and put them on trial. After all, Clinton’s accusers are just all a bunch of, well…prostitutes, much like Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willie, and many others who will never be found.

Here’s another possible “out”. How about the notion that they were all just friends of his, and he and his wife led an open marriage? Oh, and the pay was only to compensate the women for their time in getting to and from the governor’s mansion. See all the possible excuses they could have come up with, if only he had a stronger wife? If only Spitzer’s wife was more like Bill Clinton’s wife, he too could be president. Now, he resigns in disgrace as a governor? No balls, no babies, Eliot.

So I expect that Spitzer’s wife will run for governor now, particularly given the revelations of the new governor. Democrats, yes you too are the party of morals!

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