After ’08 IA Primary

After ’08 IA Primary

Trust me when I say this. Iowa is not the “pulse of America”! And Obama has now picked a fight with the “Clinton machine”, and he is likely not armed appropriately, bringing a knife to a gunfight. It is already starting to happen. And the best thing for America is for these socialists to rip each other to shreds, so that a Republican can win.

It is truly unfortunate that there is no good qualified Democrat, and one that actually stands for something besides being a “first”. The two front-runners are the least qualified candidates in modern history, both first-term junior senators, who possess little more experience than your average, well…housewife! To put it in real terms, just because your husband is a surgeon, doesn’t mean you can operate on me! So Hillary “witnessed” Bill “leading” [term used very loosely] the country, and by-proxy, she is qualified? Where was she when Monica…well I guess she wasn’t as close to situation as she could have been?

And with Hussein Obama, I challenge you to find anything significance that he says that will unite America? He has two points: He’s against the war, and he wants to raise taxes through the stratosphere! He says he is a uniter, but he pits “rich against poor” with his tax policy, and most of his rhetoric totally negates most of my philosophies, as a Black man who knows the history of my people.

I find Obama an empty suit, with no real idea of how Washington runs, or Illinois for that matter. People constantly talk about not wanting a Washington insider, but that’s like saying I want a coach who knows nothing about my sport. Further, I want somebody in office who understands that “it’s my money”, not Washington’s!

Romney is the best qualified candidate, bar none. Proven public and private sector record of success. He would have no agenda, i.e. first White guy as president…DONE. First multi-millionaire…DONE. First non-womanizer…DONE. I don’t think he is running on the notion of being the first Mormon?

So stay tuned on the rest of the primaries, and you will see Obama lose traction, Clinton will gain traction, and Edward will become marginalized. Huckabee will run into problems, though he is a genuinely nice guy. The media would love the Republicans to select the unelectable, a religious zealot. Thompson will gain steam, McCain will fade, Guiliani will hold his own. Romney, if he stays on point, will gain the most traction, and ultimately will get the Republican nod.

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