Obama’s Race Speech

Ok, so Barack Hussein (I’m Sayin’) Obama gave his watershed speech today, backtracking on an earlier comment that he had heard none of Jeremiah Wright’s incendiary speeches, while he personally sat in the pews. Lie #1. And he attempted to deflect the issue from the true issue of “Does Obama’s true beliefs reflect what Wright has been preaching over the last 20 years?”, by making it a “race” issue, and not an issue around Wright’s views (listed below)

• Anti-American views
• Anti-Semitic views
• Anti-rich White people views
• Pro-Palestinian terrorists views
• Anti-American government views
• Pro-Farrakhan views

So how warped is Wright? In one of his sermons, he referred to the Secretary of State as “Condoskeeza” Rice. One of America’s most prominent Black citizens, achieving the 3rd highest position in the country, multiple doctorate degrees, and perhaps one of the best representatives of what America has done to fix its checkered past with respect to women and Blacks, and “Rev” Wright refers to her as a “skeeza”. But if Condoleeza Wright were Snoop Dogg, he and his congregation would have been up dancing and gyrating, much how he demonstrated what Bill Clinton has done for Blacks, “…just like he did to Monica Lewinsky“, another most eloquent “Rev” Wright quote, in church!

What Barack Hussein Obama would like us to forget is that this pastor (1) was part of his “Christian Advisory Board”, (2) married the Obamas, (3) baptized their children, and (4) continues to provide spiritual advice to them. So we are to believe that Barack Hussein Obama knew this man for 20 years, and his preachings had no impact on his thinking?

In Obama’s speech, he referenced that he could “…[paraphrased] no more disavow Rev Wright any more than he could disavow…his grandmother”, referencing her fear of Black men walking past her in the street. In effect Obama threw his grandmother under the bus for his own career! Mr. Obama, you can choose you pastor, but you can’t choose your grandmother!

And he attempted to throw Black churches under the same bus, by implying that Wright types of sermons are a de facto standard in Black churches around the country. Not in my church, Mr. Obama. The fact that Obama sat through these sermons and did NOTHING, speaks volumes. Obviously he didn’t have the backbone to confront Wright on his archaic views, so how does he think he can be president? By the way, the idea that Obama still thinks of churches as “Black and White” shows that he is a polarizing agent, and not indeed an agent of change.

Personally, I’d like to see most of these Black dinosaurs like Wright just go away. And Obama, the Ivy League, smooth-talking poverty pimp, should go with them. Or better yet, how about they start extolling the virtues of the Black community from a position of strength? With the exception of the Jews, Blacks have overcome some of the most dramatic events in history. We survived slavery, and have overcome the atrocities of racism. Is racism gone? No, and it will never be gone. There will always remain prejudices, many of which will devolve into racism. There is NEVER an absolute, when it comes to social issues. So let’s focus on the fact that despite all the obstacles that have been put in the way of Black progress, we overcame them. To me, that is something to celebrate, and build on.

This day in time there are no excuses for not succeeding in America, period, exclamation point! Does the “platform” of Trinity Unity Church look to empower Blacks, and migrate thinking to self-sufficiency. Yes, a good thing. But when the pastor of the church continually spews venom in his sermons, as if there is a “boogey man”, or in his case, “…rich White people” who are keeping us down, this is where I separate myself from him.

The presidency is not about precedent. It is about qualifications. And there are many overt reasons in what has come to light in this situation, that demonstrate that Obama is not ready for prime time. But it is the “unknowns” that are even more scary, when you consider the amount of naiveté that he has demonstrated here, not to mention the outright lies for political expediency.

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere

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