Obama Love

Since I consider Obama a Black racist, and a terrorist-loving, America-hating, resume-building, no talent hack, and I say this affectionately, I have wondered what is White America’s fascination with him. It’s not like the 60s when it was much more difficult to find an “articulate, eloquent and…clean” Black man as it is these days. We are everywhere, I am proud to say. And while I am interested in the White male point of view on this subject, I am more interested in the White female point of view.

Recently I attended an event, where James Carville was one of the keynote speakers. Typically I would never attend such an event, as I find the man both irritating and funny to look at. I was struggling with a stomach bug, so why run the risk of losing my lunch in two ways. However Carville’s wife was to be the “better half” of the speech, which is why I decided to put my $7 at risk.

Admittedly I enjoyed Carville, and remembered that he said “…statistically speaking, over 65% of White women with Masters degrees vote Democratic“. He went on to discuss other demographics, and essentially the net was “…dumb White chicks dig Obama.” Obviously. They are dumb, I ROFL’d at the thought!

So the two-thirds so-called educated White women who vote Democrat, according to Carville do so mainly because of the right to choose. They are the NOW generation women, though I have another name for them. They remind me of precocious teens, trying to upset Daddy. Enjoy your hell ladies. As you have likely figured out, it ain’t all wine, truffles, and caviar. In short, these women are of no interest to me, at least in this hypothesis.

My fascination is with the White women who might not normally vote Democratic, but find themselves drawn to Obama, like a moth to a flame, no, no…like a mosquito to a bug zapper! Yes, that’s more analogous!

These White women would have you believe that it is because of the war, or Obama’s stance on socialized medicine, or one of Obama’s other inane, nonsensical policies. That’s what they want you to believe. But I know the truth.

I believe this demographic has come down with a fever that is typically limited to warm, tropical environs, though it has become more prevalent in the US. Yes America, there has been an outbreak of not Scarlet, not Yellow, but Jungle Fever with these White women.

This demographic of White women of which I speak are the women who attended mostly White high schools and played it straight. They dated Eric, John, or Bill, the all-America White teenage boy, and either married him, or maybe three to five White boyfriends removed from him is their present husband.

Now life is mundane and tedious, and they have begun to reflect on the handful of Black boys that were in school. These Black kids were good athletes, good students, but they were “off limits”. Nevertheless, secretly the White girls were jonesing for these Black stallions; their lust remained hidden. But Jungle Fever lay dormant, boiling like a cauldron deep within.

Lost in suburbia, the symptoms of Jungle Fever are difficult to spot. The occasional Black UPS driver or oil change mechanic might invoke a headrush, however not enough of a sympton to allow the disease to the surface. Then Obama enters, stage leftist or “leftest”, pick the one you like!

Oh my God, Sharon, did you see that Black guy with the funny name…Usamba or something? He is so good-looking, and articulate…and clean!”

The fever rushes to the surface like an erupting volcano, evoking in these White women the memories and pent up, unexplored passions from their pasts. They recall all the Reggies, the Tyrones, and Dmitriuses from high school.

Toys in hand, this group of White women all across America began indulging their Mandingo fantasies, deepening their love for Obama.

Their friends say,” He’s a terrorist-lover.” “I don’t kayer,” they moan.

He’s unqualified. “I don’t kayer.”

He has ideas that will bankrupt the country. “I don’t kayer.”

He’s a socialist. “I don’t kayer.”

He’s a racist. “I don’t kayer.”

He wants to kill babies after they are born. “I don’t kayer.”

He hates America? “I don’t kayer! I LOOOVE him!”, they say sobbing.

So far, no cure offered by the McCain campaign can combat Jungle Fever. Black Republican scientists are working feverishly (pardon intended!) on an antidote, which will involve Sarah Palin’s DNA.

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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