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War Update – Part Deux

As a follow on to my post the other day about how America is winning the war, I wanted to highlight recent actions in Tikrit, and how the US continues its dominance in other areas of Iraq. Needless to say, this is not good news for Obama.

As you view the video of the insurgents, you will undoubtedly hear in their rhetoric that they are ideologically in sync with our own Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and too manyu others to mention. It might surprise you to discover that many of these insurgents have received their educations from prominent universities. After viewing this video it should enlighten even the casual observer as to how academia is able to hide terrorists so well.

With close inspection of the video, though grainy, you should notice the leftmost insurgent, pun intended, as he is rumored to be Humbuqu “Harry” Obama, Obama’s half-Kenya, half-Somali cousin, who bears a striking resemblance to his Americanized cousin, except that he is, well… “articulate, but not as clean“.

The video is graphic. I think you will find one of the insurgent’s behavior reminiscent of many of America’s Democratics in Congress, and Obama supporters. The word that comes to mind is “childish”.

The British Interviewer however never loses control of the interview, despite the distractions, and in what could have been a highly volatile situation. She maintains professionalism throughout.

It should be noted that shortly after this interview was held, a Predator drone flying 10,000 feet above took out all of this insurgent group. The missile was marked, “McCain-Palin 2008”.

That’s my rant!

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