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I usually don’t watch 60 Minutes, because I find them to be liberal hacks most of the time. However, recently they did a story on how the US is winning Sadr City in Iraq with a new strategy. I found it interesting that their timing on a topic like this cannot help Obama, and in fact would be more helpful to McCain. Who are they, and what did they do with the real 60 Minutes?

It turns out that 60 Minutes was given clearance to discuss new technology that is being deployed in Iraq, that essentially allows the military to hunt and kill insurgents, pretty much at will. Prior to the 60 Minutes expose, Bob Woodward in his latest book release alluded to how we were winning. The information at the time was classified, thus he could not discuss the way we were winning openly. Apparently the gauntlet is down. Here is a link to the video –

Woodward’s comment was “…I wouldn’t want to be an insurgent leader in Iraq, knowing what I know”. And after seeing the piece on 60 Minutes I know why. I won’t bore you with the details, since the link is much more informative. But cutting to the chase, I can tell you that Woodward was right. The insurgent leaders are running for the hills, and frankly it’s not safe there!

The new technology and new methodology for waging this war is to essentially watch the insurgents as they do their dirty work, such as planting roadside bombs (IEDs), and fire RPGs, all while we get them on camera real-time with a nearly undetectable UAV or “Shadow drone” flying high above. As the bad guys reassemble to congratulate themselves, an armed UAV or “Predator drone” is dispatched to send a Hellfire missile to “…hit ‘em, where the good Lord split ‘em”. The 60 Minutes report actually showed video of the system in action.

In one video, a team of insurgents tries to recover a mortar tube from a bombed vehicle. Then like the sons-of-motherless-goats that they are, they run from the scene of the crime, pack up the RPG unit, and load it in the back of a waiting car. The insurgents transfer the weapon, and head through the city to an open field, where they are greeted with an American-made “Tony Montana – Say Hello To My Little Friend”, laser-guided hellfire missile, courtesy of the world’s best military. And the military showed other examples of surveillance, and said that they can wait hours before executing a strike, because of “persistent surveillance”. Persistent surveillance allows our military to watch a target for as many as ten hours, so the bad guys think they are safe. And as soon as they show their face, we introduce them to their American ingenuity.

So what is the message to the rest of the terrorist world? I quote George Bush – “…If you jack with Uncle Sam, we’ll jack you up! We don’t care if you’re in the mountains of Afghanistan or the streets of San Francisco (homage to Karl Malden), we will find you, and we will castrate you. We know you’ve been promised virgins, but trust us, you won’t need your nuggets where you’re going. Yes, we are bad motha ‘shut yo mouths’!” [OK, Bush didn’t say that, but it what he would say if I asked him!]

The real shame of all of this is that the media will not credit Bush and team for showing the world that America is without a doubt the most ingenious country in the world. We are problem solvers. We have tactics and strategies. What’s the word I’m searching for? Yes “strategery” Hopefully our technology will preclude terrorists from wanting to fight us.

Of course Obama won’t admit to this tactic working. He will give his liberal talking point that we “…shouldn’t have been in Iraq to begin with, blah blah blah wahn wahn [Charlie Brown’s teacher]. “

But eventually with this new strategy, the US will need fewer troops, because the success in Sadr City will be duplicated in other Iraqi towns. And like in Sadr City, the people will be providing intelligence to the military on weapons stores, and the location of the bad guys [Definition for Democrats: Bad Guys – “Bad guys” are not the US military, but the Iraqi insurgents…just a point of clarification]. And eventually, Iraq will go back to a normal way of life.

Is it still dangerous, sure. But there is remarkable improvement. And because of the efforts of Bush, McCain, and our extraordinary armed forces, we will cut this war short, and start getting our troops home…with honor.

Next stop, Afghanistan. And don’t think that the word hasn’t leaked out about Sadr City, thanks Al Jazeera. And after we go kick some Al Qaeda butt there, we will sound the warning bell to Iran. And if McCain’s in charge, Iran will listen. 60 Minutes, you surprised me on this one!

By the way, did anybody notice that North Korea destroyed a nuclear plant the other day, a product of The Bush Doctrine? You won’t see this in the mainstream media.

That’s my rant!

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