A Look at ObamaNation!

The surge a few days back in the polls by Obama is said to be based primarily on the differences between the tax plans of the two candidates. McCain wants to leave the Bush tax cuts in place and to cut even further, returning money back to those who are actually paying taxes, and using proven tax strategies to stimulate the economy, reminiscent of Ronald Reagan. On the other hand, Obama wants to cast a wide net, giving welfare to roughly 45% of the people who don’t even pay taxes, disguising his welfare plan under the misnomer of a tax cut for 95%. With a growing lead in the polls by Obama, I have begun to wrap my mind around the possibility of the coup d’état that is taking place. Thus I have decided to try to understand the “ObamaNation”, a fitting description for the US of NAACP to come.

In my analysis, I find the ObamaNation is divided “equally”(please get this joke!) between the 95% who want “free money” from The Messiah, or as I like to call him, The Mack, and the 5% who are must pay for these surrogates. Consider that this is likely the first time in American history that an issue was so polarizing as to divide the nation 95 to 5. Usually when you see these type of class differences you are dealing with third-world countries, like Africa, when the chasm between the “haves” and the “have nots” is so dramatic.

Now I could go into a discussion of the “haves”, pointing out that most Democrat “haves” have for the most part received their money through inheritance, e.g. Kennedy’s. There are those who did a bit of womanizing, like the good pimp John Kerry. And finally, there are those who “got lucky”, like Obama. Republican “haves” for the most part earned their way into the category. Now there are those of you (hopefully only Democrats) who will quibble with such generalities. So as to not wallow in the mud of such a discussion, I will concede your anecdotal example of some “little train that could” Democrat, e.g. Oprah Winfrey, who is neither of the examples of a “have” that I described. If my focus were on the “haves”, I would explain The Oprah Effect, and may do so in a future blog. So be assured that the reason for my capitulation is not that I am wrong, as I could easily hand you your proverbial “brain on a platter”. However for now I choose to focus on the “have nots”.

In a discussion of the “have nots”, I must first remove from the “have nots” all those who are not voting for the Poverty Plank ticket, which I estimate to be around 40%. This leaves about 55% of the people. Then I will remove an additional 8%, who are either undecided, or just don’t want to be lumped into the “40 acres and mule” bucket. That said, let’s discuss the 43% or so of the people who will vote for the ObamaNation ticket, no matter what. The question is why?

I have decided that these poor, as in ‘not-rich’ and not ‘ahhh’ poor Democrats are people who simply want something for nothing. These poor in America are unapologetically interested in sticking it to somebody, anybody. They see Obama’s redistribution of wealth program, like finding $100 bill on the ground. There is no attachment, as the money is seen to have no owner, at least not until it is picked up. The only face on that $100 bill is Ben Franklin, and “…he dead and don’t need it back“, as one of family members looking over my shoulder reminded me, in butchered English, no less.

So what does that make Obama supporters for the most part? Free-loaders and takers. Obama says that the rich who don’t want to support the free-loaders and takers are the selfish ones? Hmmm…

Now I know some of my readers are saying, “Kevin, The Black Sphere will not be taken seriously, if you resort to name-calling“. I know. It is a bit childish. But what I say to you naysayers is, “You all eat doo-doo and poopie and your boogers, and nasty stuff.”

And not to get all “Egotistical Pro-Athlete Interview” on you, but “The Black Sphere [note 3rd party reference to ‘self’] is gone do, what The Black Sphere do. And The Black Sphere won’t be chastised or censored in anyway.” So back to these selfish, free-loaders…

Since McCain won’t pay smashmouth politics with Obama, preferring to slapbox, or as we say in the kickboxing arena, “love tap“, I am forced to break out a can of my personal “whoop ass” on the Democrats, on behalf of McCain and all self-respecting, America-loving, tax-paying (except Joe the Plumber – tragic!), Christian, natural-born Republicans. I must speak for McCain, and call “BS” on Blacks voting for Obama, just because you want to see a Black president. And oh yeah because you are too stupid to research your history to know better. And oh yeah, because most of you are too lazy to really understand the issues, to know that you are more aligned with the Conservatives, than the Liberals. So yes, you freeloaders want to ride the backs of the 5%ers. Well “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother“, should be re-titled to say, “Get Your Lazy, No-Job-Havin’, Chitlin-Eatin Butt Off Me, Bro“!

Why do I say Obama supporters are free-loaders and takers, and we Blacks are the worst? We may not know the true conjugation of a verb, but ask us to explain the welfare system, and you would think we were all PhDs. We can tell you how long you wait to get on Section 8(a) and all the loopholes, therein. You want to know how to manipulate welfare? Ask us. We are schemers. But Blacks will deny, deny, deny. Well as we say in the Black community, “game know game“. I have seen the game run, and like The Masked Magician, I am exposing the tricks.

ObamaNation doesn’t want to own businesses, they just want to be pissed off at the person who does. They want the safe bet, i.e. the job, with the guarantee that they will never be laid off, as if that is a real promise. They are also the folks who actually believe that social security is secure, and the term is not oxymoronic. Half of any Democrats reading that last sentence will think I called them morons…maybe they are less stupid than I think?

They attempt to guilt Republicans, calling us greedy, because we invest, and want to actually profit from our businesses. In fact it is they who are truly greedy. They believe that just because they don’t have any skin in the game, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t reap the reward.

Take for example is The Messiah. He took more money from Exxon-Mobil than McCain (which is why he removed his Big Oil commercials), then attempts to fry Big Oil for making profits. He is happy to take their donations, without having to lift a finger to get them.

Now here’s the real irony. Big Oil investment is the biggest single pool of investment money from 401(K)s. S
o when they profit, the majority of people in America profit as well. The irony continues in thatExxon-Mobil makes less net profit, than Microsoft and many other companies. But Obama needs a Boogeyman, because Black folks need somebody to eat, and rich White Republicans make the best burgers, or so I’m told.

ObamaNation is selfish, saying they want to protect the planet, when they really just want to protect themselves. Earth doesn’t need clean water or good air. We do. And these hypocrites, the biggest partakers of “do as I say, not as I do“, continue to grow their carbon footprints through the roof. By the way, has anybody ever seen a “carbon footprint”? Where do you go to get measured for one? I find that carbon footprints are much like the Yeti or Sasquatch or Nessy. I think my Uncle Joe demonstrated his carbon footprint one Thanksgiving. “Hey Kev, pull my finger!” At 6’4″, 340lbs, he produced a “carbon footprint” that singed the hair from my nose. Carbon, no, sulfur, yes. Save the planet! Selfish socialists!

So Black ObamaNation uses stupid as their “excuse du jour“. They are too lazy to just do basic research, preferring to buy into whatever the media tells them. They follow on emotion. They are truly still slaves, at least metaphorically. I can almost forgive their stupidity, for they are childlike in their discussions with me. I enjoy citing facts to them, then watching their “looks”, as if they are dividing by seventeen. But I don’t forgive them, because they choose to be stupid.

I will never forgive White ObamaNation, who is so caught up in “White guilt” [http://theblacksphere.blogspot.com/2008/10/white-guilt-101.html] they will do anything to get Obama elected. Here a secret folks: Blacks will never forgive you for slavery. Electing Obama may ease your conscience, however Blacks know how to play the race card, and always will, until the social experimentation ends. Why won’t it change? Because there is no money in it. But there is money in keeping people poor and stupid. Welcome to ObamaNation! Get your race card!

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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