A Picture Says A Thousand Words

I am publishing a posting from one of my acquaintances, Vince Conard, in its entirety, as I found it eerily close to my rants, and certainly something I would rant about. So enjoy the smooth stylings of Mr. Vince Conard…

“A picture says a thousand words, no? What is THIS picture saying to YOU?

This is the cover of the latest edition of The New Republic, a leftist leaning (center-left maybe?) magazine. What’s YOUR reaction?

Maybe if you’re an Obamamaniac (Those who WORSHIP Obama as the messianic magic mystical mulatto who will heal the world!) you’re offended by the apparent suggestion that Obama really has no identity; that he’s merely the figurehead for the CLINTONS’ THIRD TERM.

Or, perhaps, if you’re an Obamatron (Those of you who do not necessarily WORSHIP him, but have concluded that he’s sooooo articulate, sooooo telegenic, soooooo fit and trim, that, well, gee, the guy simply APPEARS Presidential, right?! He’s got the Presidential aura, no? So…), you APPRECIATE the fact that Obama has wisely (?) coopted Slick Willy’s staff.

Then again, you Obamacans (“Republicans” who actually voted FOR Obama!? HUH?!) may be saying (hoping?) that, hey, the dude ran a brilliant, 3 year campaign where he CHANGED HIS POSITIONS on: withdrawing the troops from Iraq in 16 months; campaign finance reform; NAFTA; meeting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions; repealing the Bush tax cuts for “the rich”; lobbyists; off-shore drilling; etc, etc. Maybe you Obamacans may be optimistic that he’ll run his administration with the same political pragamatism (or, what some see as, an inherent lack of core values/principals) as he ran his campaign. So, even though he vowed to CHANGE politics as usual in Washington D.C., his dependence on the ClintonS (that’s right: “The CLINTONS” — plural!) is the C.H.A.N.G.E. we need.

“C.linton H.ad A. N.ifty G.roup of E.mployees”

What’s REALLY going on with this expertly morphed image of Barack Hillary Hussein Rodham Obama Clinton??

Any thoughts??”

Well ranted Vince!

(c) 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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