Biden Says I’m No Cheney

In an article the other day By AP Writer Nedra Pickler, Vice President-elect Joe Biden insisted he wants to be nothing like Dick Cheney. Biden has called Cheney “the most dangerous vice president we’ve had probably in American history” and said he couldn’t name a single good thing Cheney had done. Since The Black Sphere likes to confront Liberals with their own statements, I thought a comparison of these two men was par for the course.

It’s easier to start with Biden. I know, you are all smiling now, because you know why I chose “the path of least resistance“. Right! He has done essentially nothing. Now if you read Biden’s resume as they have posted in ObamaNation, well he has a record of achievement that rivals Lincoln or Reagan.

Now I have provided the link to ObamaNation, but I am parsing a few items directly from the site, so I can provide an analysis.

  • Biden’s leadership was instrumental in helping to bring stability and peace to the Balkans. In 1999, Biden wrote a resolution endorsing the air war in Kosovo that was passed by the Senate. [And the people of Kosovo have pictures of Biden in their homes, and are creating songs about his leadership, I am sure!]
  • Biden is a leader on the congressional effort to end genocide in Darfur. [And yet it hasn’t ended!]
  • Biden has been instrumental in crafting almost every major piece of crime legislation over the past two decades. His Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 put more than 100,000 police officers on America’s streets and has been credited with bringing down crime rates to the lowest in a generation. [Now honestly, I didn’t ‘fact check’ this, and it is likely that ObamaNation knows that I won’t. But given Obama Bin Biden’s propensity for hyperbole (look it up, Liberals), I doubt that Biden ‘has been instrumental in crafting almost every major piece of crime legislation!]
  • In 1996, Biden authored legislation to create a national registry of sex offenders, which tracks people convicted of sex crimes involving violence or committed against minors. [Sen. Biden on introducing S-1738 in 2007, “Let me repeat that, we have new investigative techniques that will allow us to identify many of the people who are trafficking child pornography and we can go pick them up. A very conservative estimate is that there are more than 400,000 people who we know who are trafficking child pornography on the Internet in the U.S. right now. We can, with minimal effort, take these people down.” [So why haven’t we? We can pull them up on the internet as little red dots, where they live. I have enjoyed watching the dots grow in my neighborhood!]
  • Biden authored and passed the landmark Violence Against Women Act, the strongest legislation to date that criminalizes domestic violence and holds batterers accountable. [This should have been called Violence Against American Women, because Biden didn’t care about the violence against Afghani and Iraqi women, as he continually criticized the war. Yes, a little known outcome of The Bush Doctrine was the freeing of millions of Muslim women…thoughts Joe?]
  • Biden was a strong supporter of the Family and Medical Leave Act, cracked down on deadbeat dads, and has been a consistent champion for equal pay. [Note the “LiberalSpeak“: “…was a strong supporter of“. Translation: Had little to nothing to do with it, but wants to get in on the credit.]
  • Biden was one of the first to introduce legislation to address global warming and he co-sponsored the most aggressive piece of climate change legislation in the U.S. Senate. [Joe, I have here a message from Mother Earth. It reads,

    Dear Joe,

    How magnanimous of you to want to protect me, a mere orb. I should inform you that I have been around the block, Joe, as most women have who are 4.5 BILLION YEARS OLD! And I have been through quite a lot during that time, as my stretch marks from Pangaea to the present seven continents would suggest. I am also a bit pitted from having ELLE size meteors slamming into my surface over the years, and I have survived flood, earthquakes, tidal waves, forest fires, and well just about everything. So though I am happy that you believe I need saving, but I think you are more about saving yourself now aren’t you?

    Mother Earth

  • Biden is a champion on the issue of making college more affordable by using the tax code to reduce costs. [I love this word, “champion”! So riddle me this, Joe…Why is college so unaffordable, with all your championing?]

So that was a few of the “accomplishments” that Biden has given America. But what I found interesting in all of this is that Biden has essentially been working for the government his entire life. Here is what Wikipedia has under “Career Outside of Government” currently, in its entirety:

In 1981, Biden received an honorary degree from Saint Joseph’s University;[140] he also received an honorary degree from his alma mater, the University of Delaware, in 2004.[141] Since 1991, Biden has served as an adjunct professor at the Widener University School of Law, where he has taught a seminar on constitutional law.[142] Biden has typically co-taught the course with another professor, taking on at least half the course minutes and sometimes flying back from overseas to make one of the classes.[143][144]

Biden is an inductee of the Delaware Volunteer Firemen’s Association Hall of Fame,[145] and sits on the board of advisors of the Close Up Foundation.[146]

Now I know Wiki is not exactly de facto research, but this is where one can put dang near whatever you want to say “good” about a guy. Re-Read this drivel. “…served as an adjunct professor…has taught a seminar“. That cracked me up! He actually “has taught a seminar“! Wow, I guess for Liberals that’s quite an accomplishment. Then, they tell us that Honorary Professor Biden would fly back from overseas to make a class. Now that’s dedication!

Now if you were like me, your lips were aquiver as you learned that Joe is…(shout) an inductee into the Delaware Volunteer Firemen’s Association Hall of Fame. It just doesn’t get any bigger than that!

What a magical moment that must have been, and somehow I missed that. What could I possibly have been doing in my life that would have been more important than witnessing that? Oh, now I remember, I was clipping my dog’s nails with this new gadget that won’t hurt her. No, I think that was “poop scoop day” at the Jackson household. Yep, that was it. I knew it was something big for me to miss Joe’s big moment. Poop Scoop Day is important as my neighbor really doesn’t like “Rottweiler biscuit smell” permeating their outdoor retreat! So I had a good excuse.

Seriously, I bet you the people who wrote about Biden in Wikipedia couldn’t even keep straight faces! They had to be thinking, “…how can we possibly spin this crap?” Then one writer concluded, “It won’t matter, Dude. Only Liberals will read it, and they are easy to impress. Remember what we wrote for Clinton!” , as they burst out laughing, spewing pizza crumbs.

This man, like his new boss, has done nothing. He’s that guy that manages to keep a job at a company, because he has the inside dirt. While you bust your butt actually doing something, sweating every RIF (reduction in force), there’s a guy like Joe at every job, who is just skating. He has the pictures on the execs, and every time they threaten to let Old Joe go, he pulls out the pictures and reminds them that he has the negatives in a safe place.

You know what, I think I will just stop here, and cover Cheney’s record some other time, and allow you to marinate in all that Biden has done. For the time being you can draw your own conclusions about why Biden doesn’t want to be like Cheney.

That’s my rant!

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