Broken Promises!

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Whose administration is this? I mean with ex-Clintonites Emanual and Podesta running Obama’s show, then today Biden picked up yet another Clinton retread as his Chief of Staff, well it does make one wonder.

And just when you want to think that Brotha Obama might be in charge, you get the word on the street is that Hillary will be getting the Secretary of State position. That would make her #3 in the country. I think the Clinton’s are quoting Mark Twain, saying to the Democratic party that, “The rumor of [our] demise has been greatly exaggerated.” Apparently Slick Willie is the bigger pimp, fashizzle!

As for the appointments to his cabinet, Obama ran on the platform of “change”, I seem to recall. Yet all I am seeing is a third-term Bill Clinton presidency, and this time Hillary ain’t just pimping socialized healthcare. “She done gone and got herself a real job!”

Obama promised to change the way things are done in Washington, by not choosing Washington insiders, yet he selected the Clinton’s and their “gang of thieves and thugs” as his cronies. Come to think of it, this is actually a step up for Obama, when you consider his former friends, people like Ayers, Khalidi, et al.

George Stephanopoulous in describing Clinton’s broken promises to Larry King, he said, “The president has kept all the promises that he intended to keep“. And like Clinton, only a week after winning the election, Obama is already following in Massa’s footsteps.

Bill Clinton’s influence doesn’t end there. Like Clinton, Obama believes that if he denies something enough times, then finally looks America in the eye, and says in that staccatto pattern, “I…did….not…break…a single promise to that young waitress over there…“, then it will be so.

So Obama is scrubbing his website of “evidence”. They say he is technologically savvy, but it appears that he believes that if he puts his hands over his eyes, the boogeyman will go away. Barry, we have ‘the blue dress’, which is you…speaking your words…on video! But who cares about a little thing called evidence?

Now we all know the media will give Obama a pass. They will say that after careful and considerate deliberation, Obama decided that he needed people around him who knew how Washington works, a euphemism for “Washington Insiders”. Really what Obama wanted to know is who serves the best ribs at Washington cocktail parties, and he needed a ‘wing man’, pun intended!

So yet again, Obama is following in the steps of Massa, mentor, and Mack, Slick Willie in keeping all the promises he intended to keep. Let’s recap Obama’s current broken promises:

  • Public financing for the election
  • No Washington insiders
  • No former lobbyists as part of his administration

Now ask me if I really care? Not! I actually hope Obama breaks ALL his promises, because I have never been so diametrically opposed to a politician in my life! And with Obama’s kind indulgence, I submit my list of potential broken promises:

  • Keep the Bush tax cut
  • Let the generals manage the war on terror
  • Don’t pass the social security tax increase on the rich and corporation
  • No 95% “reparations” for the middle-class, or at least the 40% who don’t pay taxes
  • Drill in ANWAR
  • Support clean coal
  • Protect Israel
  • Vouchers, so parents can select public schools
  • Leave healthcare alone
  • Do nothing and just enjoy the White House
  • Stop killing babies!

President-elect Obama please feel free to disappoint the heck out of me by breaking all your promises. I forgive you in advance. I know. You will have to clear this with Bill.

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