Election Day – Part III (End)

The Republican Game Plan

As Jeremiah Wright quoted Malcolm X, so shall I. “Our chickens have come home to roost…[America has] been hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led astray. Run amuck.” The Liberals got what they wanted. And they used intimidation tactics, like ACORN, the Black Panthers, and so on to attempt to rig an election. Sounds very much like when Democrats were trying to keep Blacks from voting in the past. Hmmm…

But as my grandmother has told me many times, “The same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry” , and I predict the Democrats will be crying soon enough about their choice. As I said in another blog, they are already making excuses for Obama. http://theblacksphere.blogspot.com/2008/11/excuses-for-obama-presidencyalready.html
But regardless folks, we have four years of Obama, and various assorted nuts, so let’s make the most of our time.

First, this vote was not a mandate for socialism or Obama’s agenda, and to think so would make you as dense as London fog. This vote was revenge against George Bush, based solely on ignorance and salesmanship. And it is Bush’s fault for allowing himself to be demonized so much and for so long, and doing nothing in retaliation. Our ethics in fighting can no longer be a sacred cow, the Liberals will feast on us.

I know that Bush believes that history will validate his presidency, and that he has a good legacy, and I believe he does. At some point, I will explore what Bush has done for America, though I doubt few people care at this point. If you’re like me, you genuinely and rightfully pissed at the man. And though I certainly didn’t agree with Bush on multiple issues, he was anything but the buffoon that the media would have us believe. But he didn’t help our situation.

So where are we now? We know the Democrats will overreach, because they are greedy pimps, always with their hands in our pockets. Chuck Schumer is already talking about eliminating the Fairness Doctrine, as if the Liberals don’t have enough media outlets. Pelosi and Reid were on the podium last night talking “kumbaya”, and I don’t buy it. What you learn about Liberals is they are pissed when they are behind, and even more pissed when they are ahead. They just can’t be happy, without a Republican’s “you know whats” in a vice. Never trust a Liberal!

So what is the Republican game plan? Well people as you know I will not sit by as our country is potentially destroyed. So needless to say, I have given this quite a lot of thought to our plan of action, and not just over this election cycle, but in general. I call our strategy: “In Yo Face!”

1. First, we must be extremely vocal to our Congressmen, particularly Senators, about our views, and our expectations of them and from them. They must know that we will tolerate no move outside of the party line, and that doing so jeopardizes their position with us and thus our support. They need to know that America at its core still exist, and the kook fringe is just that…fringe. We need to make sure that Republican constituents have all information for connecting with their Congressmen, and that we are united in our purpose. We will have no jellyfish in our party. We will get, altogether…In Yo Face!

2. We must get more Black input into the strategy of these races. You can’t reach the minority vote without more representation. I blogged on how McCain should have handled Whoopi Goldberg’s slavery comment. [http://theblacksphere.blogspot.com/2008/10/white-guilt-101.html] Further the Republican Party needs to do more education about its support of Blacks, and the Democrats racist history. In Yo Face!

3. Next, the battle plan must change. Republicans fight like the British…with rules! You’ve likely seen those old war films, where the Brits all line up across from their enemies, and then shoot, row by row? Well in Last of the Mohicans they met some Native Americans fighting with the Militia who didn’t know there were rules to war. And these guys would pick them in a variety of scenarios. The outcome? The Brits got their butts kicked. We are the dang Brits, people! We must stop fighting with rules! Reverend Wright is off limits? My ass! This is a fight for survival. Think prison yard beef, not school yard beef!

Obama and his minions are attempting to take away our way of life, as if we’ve been doing it all wrong. We are right, not them. Republicans must become more vocal, and less “behind the scenes”. Consider how “in your face” the Liberals are, e.g. Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Politico.com, and so on. They are selling American’s dog turds, and calling them sausages!

Not a day goes by without a condemnation by Liberals of evil corporations, religious zealots, family values, or some Republican virtue. And we sit idly by. Well enough! We need to confront these knuckleheads in the same way. How about a documentary of all the corruption that exists in Medicare, or the welfare system? Let’s go undercover on these issues, and I am very serious. In Yo Face!

4. Next, Republicans are going to have to rally around each other, the same way that the Dems do. Take a page from their book, and support Republican-owned businesses, and deal with people who have our same ideology. Last time I checked, outside of a few kooky Liberal billionaires, Republicans run this country. We range from small business entrepreneurs to the titans of industry. And let’s just put it out there. We are smarter than Democrats!

We all know this to be true. We don’t like to say it, because it comes off as bragging, and honestly…it goes without saying. But facts are facts. I will take one solid Republican, over a room full of Democrat elites. So we need to know businesses that are Republican-owned or run, and support those businesses. Needless to say, we can’t boycott all that is Liberal unfortunately, but we can certainly make enough of a dent to make a difference.

5. We must hound these Liberals like leg-humping lapdogs, documenting all their hypocrisies. Let’s put the McCain plan in effect and expose all the shenanigans that these guys pull in their districts for the world to see. Let’s keep this promise for McCain…one for our homie! Organize in your communities to set up watchdog groups. We must harass them at every turn, providing no rest for the weary.

To do this properly, we must infiltrate them. Though they screw up publicly with a few Bidenisms every now and again, it is what they say “behind the scenes” that we must expose. We truly must adapt a tabloid approach with them, showing people of all cultures how the Liberals use them, marginalize them for the Liberals own design.

Imagine publishing an underground video of Harry Reid talking smack about Black people, or showing “A Day in the Life” of Princess Pelosi? And Lord only knows what we would catch Obama saying? Folks, let’s get these people paranoid and move them underground, the hypocrites. In Yo Face!

6. We must be litigious in our pursuit of American ideals. The ACLU sues to have God removed from schools, money, public buildings, etc. So let’s sue to have God put back. Whatever they are willing to do, we must be willing to go one step further. They slap, we punch. They punch, we kick. They kick, we stab. They stab, we shoot, all metaphorically of course. Game over! In Yo Face!

7. We must stay ahead of the curve in getting Republicans back in positions of power. Look at how Obama did it. He started early. Our research for the next Congressional elections needs to begin today! We need to know how the Libs voted, and begin grooming our candidates now. The fundraising begins today. A
nd everywhere we have the slightest potential to win a seat in Congress, we establish and rally the team. Grassroots! See Bullet #2 for how we handle these miscreants!

8. Republican outreach must be in the minority communities. Minorities need to know the racist past of the Democrats. We should run ads on Black TV, and put billboards up, showing lynchings, and such. Remember, there is no more racism with a Black president!

Will we win them all, no. But we will not allow the overwhelming support of Democrats as they have historically. And at least they will be informed.

9. And we need to apply economic pressure in the all communities. Let’s show the Liberal-supporting communities that the strength of Republicans is in our core beliefs and in our support of each other. Avoid spending one dollar in their stores or for their causes, if they will not support our cause, which is to empower them. We will offer handups, not handouts

10. Next, we must be ready to pounce on every idiotic, inane idea that Obama presents, and he will produce many. He is a paper-pusher, and he will rate himself on his ability to stir the pot. This is actually good, since he won’t expect to achieve much, and just keep things moving. But on the rare occasion when there is movement (yes bowel movement, thank you!) on one of his ideas, we must be there to shut him down. In Yo Face!

11. Finally, we must show that we are not the hard right party, as the Libs want to paint us. Truth be told, they are truly hard left, and they proved it yesterday. We are right-center, and proudly so.

The Wrap:

Though misguided, the Black community proved that when motivated, they can be an overwhelming force of change. I have said for years that Blacks can be the pivot point in any election, based on our numbers in all major markets. This was proven all around the country yesterday. This is the only point of pride that I can find in the Black stance with Obama.

So we have seen motivated Democrats [not Liberals, because most Blacks are not liberals] in action. And though impressive, I know that motivated Conservatives are even more impressive. So what we accomplish these next four years depends on each of you making an individual cause of action. We can lament this decision for four years, or we can act. I say we show new and improved Republican Party, and start fighting back. We will get “In Yo Face!”

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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