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Election Night – Part I

This is Part I of a Multi-Part Series:

Well as we all know, it was Election Day yesterday. And for the first time in a long time, America has been truly polarized, and by a man who says he can bring us all together. Black versus White, hard-working versus lazy, and finally the unapologetic White versus the guilty White. That was what we were voting on yesterday.

When I arrived at the polling place to vote, I felt I like I was attending a casting call for a new Thriller video. Many of these people truly looked like they had crawled from under a rock or perhaps I-44 freeway here in St. Louis. Let’s just say that ACORN’s handiwork was evident. People were being peeled out of carpool vehicles, and it was everybody from the ambulatory to the wheelchair bound. There was no doubt that I was in Obama Country.

Like most metropolitan areas, St. Louis is predominant Black in the city. So the expectation was high for an Obama turnout. There was a rumor afloat that Blacks in Missouri were over 30% for McCain, so I was hopeful. However I saw no evidence of that at my polling station.

Now I am not a classist, and I can tell you that despite their appearances, I’m sure within the people that I saw are hidden many talents. I cannot draw, for example. So I am certain there were better artists in that crowd of, well…mostly misfits.

There were sistas in this crowd that looked like they could flat out blow, yes sing their well-endowed butts off. And there were some brothas in this throng of Blackness who looked like real ballers, yes they had obvious and serious ‘ups’, and would likely school me but good on the basketball court. But what I can say with 99.9% assurance is that the folks in my district had nothing on me politically.

This group of people was unquestionably the least common denominator of the voting public. I am not exaggerating, when I tell you that many of the people voting did not look like they were ‘all there’. Now I want to be sensitive to people who have mental disorders, but I promise you, there were many present in that crowd. And like any good Republican, I believe my tax dollars need to go to help this segment of our population. But voting, well it’s a scary thought, and as I said, dramatic evidence that ACORN was successful.

And the ones that appeared coherent truly had no clue as to Obama’s politics. As I listened while in line, they spoke in metaphors, one saying to me that she was hopeful for change. She even counseled me not to vote electronically, as “this was how Bush stole the election last time.”

There were buttons for change. They discussed how Obama was going to really help them, yet they offered no rationale as to how. The code word was change. So for those doing exit polling, change meant Obama, though few people actually “said” Obama. When they inquired of me, I said “Greenback”, and winked.

All I can say is if this is the cross-section of America that Obama wants in his corner, and with whom meddling Whites wish to partner, then America is in some kind of trouble. Being brutally honest, I saw little to no potential for job creation in that crowd. I didn’t see people looking for that “break” that would allow them to pursue the American dream. What I saw was a lot of people who were voting with their hands out, and betting on Obama as the savior, the Messiah. I saw a bunch of robots, brainwashed by the non-message of “change”. But more importantly, what I saw was the Obama “machine” at work, and I knew we were in for a long night. And the Obama machine gave me a chill.

This rant is not over…stay tuned for the next part

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