Election Night – Part II

The Election – Part II The Rant Continues…

The Obama workers continued canvassing in my community until the final moments of the election, yet I had not met a single McCain campaign worker during the entire election; an omen of things to come. A group of friends met at my house to watch the election coverage, all hopeful for the two chances that McCain had for pulling out an upset…slim and none.

As the electoral count rose in favor of Obama, we all knew the inevitable outcome. I believe wholeheartedly that most of us had already disciplined ourselves to the inevitability. When the tally for Obama surpassed 270, it was like a punch in the gut, and honestly my world turned dark.

My feelings as a Black man were not prideful in the least. I felt embarrassed that my people were so infatuated with the historical implications of a Black president, that they were willing to elect a man who may not even be a citizen of the US, who has accomplished nothing, and perhaps most importantly will do nothing. Obama will take us back into the Stone Age as a people. In my soul-searching, I felt like we were perpetuating the idea of style over substance. I felt like I was watching a Mack, smiling to showcase his “grill”, dressed in leopard jacket with a wide black lapel, and wearing a fedora. He drives by, in a pimped out “deuce and a quarter”, literally showcasing all that he owned. His car, though valueless to most is worth more than his bank account, leaving him bankrupt. But he is bankrupt in more than just finances; he is bankrupt in spirit as well. That’s who I saw become president.

Yes, I never felt farther from my own people than last night. It’s difficult enough being a Black Republican. But to be one who is openly unsatisfied by what should be considered a monumental achievement for my people strains my connection with Black people to the breaking point.

Anyway, let’s dissect a few things about this two-year journey, so we can understand how we got here. In doing so, consider what the Obama team was able to accomplish:

  • Obama’s team latched on to an esoteric and meaningless concept, “change“, therefore dumbing-down the message enough to relate to the least common denominator. It was brilliant in its simplicity – it attracted the ignorant, and distracted the so-called intellectuals, galvanizing them together. The attraction of the ignorant to change needs no further development. However the attraction of the intellectuals does. You see, the Democrat elite and intellectuals are still analyzing “change” from a metaphorical standpoint. Keep in mind this is the same group who visits the MOMA, looks at a painting of a red circle and calls it “art“.
  • Obama’s team rallied the young vote. As we all know, 18-25 year olds have enough life experience to know who should be president, so we should all be grateful for that. And this demographic came out in record numbers. Obama had campaign ads placed inside of video games to help “Barack the Vote“. Then they went back to Grand Theft Auto 2008 to steal more cars, and pick up more prostitutes.
  • They managed to take every issue where Obama was weak and deflect it. Question Obama’s citizenship, they seal the records. Question Obama’s religion, he points to his church. His Pastor is controversial, he leaves the church, and says the man was insignificant in his life, no harm no foul. Question his ties to terrorists, he says they were acquaintances, and introduces them as “university professors”. Question his academic record and how he funded college, he seals his records. And the list goes on and on
  • Despite many of the ills in the economy being directly related to Obama and his cronies, they managed to blame Bush, while linking McCain! Brilliant! It didn’t matter that McCain was in no way at fault and Obama, Dodd, Frank, et al were.
  • Talk about putting “lipstick on the bulldog“! When you consider that Obama is a no talent, America-hating, elitist who has accomplished nothing, yet people believed him to be more capable than John McCain to run the country, well therein lies the definition of lunacy. Obama speaks, and stupid people believe what he says. Now of course this will be his downfall, because he can’t back anything up. But it got him the presidency.

Two words come to mind, when you consider the Obama campaign: Planning and Execution. And the Obama campaign should be congratulated for both. I haven’t seen such planning, execution and downright inventiveness, since… the attack on America on 9/11.

That team of terrorists had a mission to destroy the financial heartbeat and ultimately the soul of America. Coincidentally Obama’s mission of taking down the imperialist rich in America is much the same, and to destroy America’s soul in the process. Check!

The attackers of the World Trade Center began planning in earnest years before, with operatives who understood the ways of the west. Obama’s camp began planning in 2004, whereby he assembled a team who understood the ways of the left. He used texting, the internet, video games, and all other means to “Barack the Vote“, all very clever. Check!

The World Trade Center attack killed over 3000 Americans, and caused a monumental shift in America. Obama’s attack greatly wounded what I consider the “core” of America, and it has created a shift of even greater proportions. Checkmate! I certainly don’t admire either of these terrorist groups for the outcomes, but you must admire their ingenuity.

At this point, we can sift through the rubble or just bulldoze the site and rebuild. I prefer the latter. So what’s the outcome?

First, [read slowly] Black people can no longer pull the “race card“. Hallelujah! If a Black person cries racism from this point forward, you can roll your eyes and tell them to, “kiss your fishbelly-white butt“. Those days are officially over. Frankly, they have been over for some time, but if it took electing a pseudo-Black president for the official revocation of the race card, then sobeit. And don’t try to come back and say, “Well he’s only half Black“. Folks, this is liberating for all Republicans, particularly Whites.

Next, though McCain lost and I felt that he did not run a great campaign, when you consider the media onslaught that he endured, it’s amazing that he kept it that close. So this is not a referendum on socialism for sure. And if Obama and the rest of the “DEMons” believe this be so, I think they are going to get a rude awakening. Socialism does not work. It never has, and it never will.

And lastly, the zealots who have blindly followed Obama with no concern for answers as to who this man really is will finally find their “happy place“. It’s a little town in Guyana called Jonestown. Like Jim Jones, the founder of the People’s Temple, Obama is leading his followers to their nirvana, Obamatown, perhaps. Obama has promised much, and as his record shows he will deliver little. And as when the curtain is pulled back on this fake Messiah, like Jim Jones he will need to end the charade. So I say to all you kool-aid drinkers, the time is coming for you to “drink up”.

Next and final installment…The Republican Game Plan.

My rant is not quite done.

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