Excuses for Obama Presidency…Already!

It’s already starting. Blacks have begun making excuses for a failed Obama presidency well in advance of it.

The empire is in decline, the culture is in decay, the democracy is in trouble, financial markets near collapse,” said Princeton professor Cornel West. “It’s almost Biblical. And you can imagine what the black brothers and sisters in the barbershops and beauty salons say: ‘Right when the thing is about to go under, they hand it over to the black man.’

I’m not sure people have considered, in the euphoria and jubilation and excitement, the fishbowl Obama will be in,” was a recent comment from Tavis Smiley. “How everything he does for black people, he runs the risk of being accused of being tribal.”

Interesting word choice, “tribal“, given Obama’s African roots. If a White person had said this, they would be racist. As a point of fact, there are 422 tribes in Africa, but we usually think of only one America. Not people from ObamaNation. In ObamaNation, “We gots to get all tribal up in here! There’s White folk and Black folk, and all those tribes in betwixt!”

The doomsday sentiment is not lost on Leomia Dyches, a sometimes-employed hospital worker and single mother from Philadelphia with one son at home, and another in prison. And like a lot of Black mothers, Leomia is raising several grandchildren. Leomia prophesizes, “I think it’s great, but I’m not looking for no miracle anytime soon. Hopes are really raised too high now because they’re looking for a quick fix, and that’s not going to happen.” You see, Blacks are smarter than we sometimes let on.

So truth be told, Leomia is a realist. I guess it never dawned on her that her historically Democrat vote has gotten her nothing, except to be a single mother, with a son in the joint, as she raises another generation of young Blacks children…poorly.

So again, the apologies and excuses for the Obama presidency have already begun, and The Messiah hasn’t even been sworn in. The media has already received their talking points in advance of the Messiah’s ordination, and from whom else?… Joe Biden.

Biden forewarned us of the tests Obama will face in his first six months, and Joe has already done a mea culpa, asking for forgiveness in advance of the inevitable mistakes that Obama will make in addressing the catastrophes. Lord help us when, not if, the doomsday scenario occurs, because as Biden has foretold, Obama is not ready for primetime. Notice Joe wasn’t asking us to forgive George Bush! Hmmm…

A great Black Republican, Thomas Sowell and I certainly agree on our assessment of Obama as president. In his article titled, “A Perfect Storm“, Sowell ascribes,

Some elections are routine, some are important and some are historic. If Senator John McCain wins this election, it will probably go down in history as routine. But if Senator Barack Obama wins, it is more likely to be historic– and catastrophic.”

So how do Blacks get ourselves into these predicaments? Aside from just not being willing [euphemism for we are lazy] to learn the real issues behind candidates, we are also a product of the “now” culture. Black people don’t truly know the concept of the” time value” of anything, be it money or experience. It is all about now. Why?

Because our parents don’t know the concept either. And you can’t teach what you don’t know. With so many Blacks being from single parent homes, we generally live hand to mouth. There is no concept of saving or future, you just get by, day to day. Our 401(k)s are anemic, as are our bank accounts. We spend what we make, with little eye on the future. We go into debt on Christmas, without considering “delayed gratification“. This comes from a slave mentality, as in “Massa gone provide.” And when Massa doesn’t provide, we need the Boogeyman to blame. But it goes deeper than this.

If we have been at a job for a couple of years, why aren’t you running the joint? Somebody must be keeping you down. Proof? Blacks don’t question Obama’s qualifications, or lack thereof to be more descriptive. This was a man who didn’t have cab money from the Democratic convention in 2000, and now he is a multi-millionaire. And to what do we credit this fast and vast fortune? Uh, nothing.

Impetuous, we are. Why wait for a truly gifted Black candidate, when you have an empty suit who is demonstratively unprepared. If Obama gets lucky, he could validate Black people’s inane thinking that you really don’t need substance; not in your job, and not to be president of the US. Don’t let the facts get in the way of an emotional decision. Better yet, I want what I want, when I want it! And what Blacks want is Obama, regardless of what future he brings.

Obama is no exception to the Black way of thinking; after all he embraced it. He has been grooming himself for some time for this moment, i.e. the moment for which he is grossly unprepared. The ideas manifested during his late teens, early twenties, when Obama realized that he could skate. By skate I mean, he could substitute substance with fluff. And as I have written about him, Obama chose his Black culture, because his capabilities would have been watered down had he embraced both his cultures. People rarely speak glowingly of the eloquent White guy. Further, he would have been ostracized in the Black community had he embraced anything White. This created in Obama “Battered Woman’s Syndrome“.

You see, psychologists have found that a battered woman will wait for her tormentor to greet her in order to establish her personality, which of course is his personality. She has no personality of her own. If her tormentor is happy, she is happy. If he is upset, she must be upset. Obama is much the same in that he adopts the ideas and views of the people with whom he socializes. And eventually he demonstrates Stockholm Syndrome, actually taking on their cause and believing in it, like those who sympathize with their captors, self-imposed or not. It began with his Black friends, but is perhaps more evident with his college roommates.

You see, after spending a few semesters with his three Muslim roommates at Occidental, Barry would travel to visit them in Indonesia, India. On this pilgrimage, he visited the land of his father in Kenya Africa. Upon his return he had dropped the name Barry, and would be forever called “Barack”.

On Jeremiah Wright, Obama has said that Wright is the reason he “became a Christian“, which could certainly be a double entendre in his case.

And these are just two examples, as I am sure there are many others. These conversions to “others’” points of view show Obama’s naïveté and just how impressionable he is. I have had roommates from Iraq and friends from Iran, when I was in high school, and I had no inclination to change my name or convert to Islam. And to stay at Trinity United Church of HATE for twenty years further validates my point. No reasonable person would have, or at least a person who was confident about who he is at his core.

This pathology comes from Obama’s desire to “fit in“. He was the bright articulate Black guy trying to fit into a society who doesn’t accept Blacks who act White. Look at how Blacks treat Condoleeza Rice and other learned Blacks who won’t accept the slave mentality. They ostracize them. So Obama never took a stance against Blacks, and he essentially confirms this in his wholehearted conversion to Blackness, and complete abandonment of his Whiteness. This full conversion allowed for no contradictions. He could discuss White oppressors with Blacks openly and with impunity.

Obama believes his advantage, his je ne sais quoi is his ability to see things from multiple points of view. He doesn’t recognize that his so-called advantage instead dilutes his capabilities. And he has been blind to this so-called advantage ever since, as is evident in his comment about “…meeting unconditionally with terrorist leaders.” When you add to this the idea that he believes himself to be the smartest guy in the room, you have (read slowly)…one dangerous man.

The fact is that guys like Obama have no idea how to accomplish things. They confuse activity with effectiveness. They create a lot of buzz, create lots of activity, and are brilliant at rallying the troops around them. If you were to ask Obama about his Senate records, he would genuinely believe that he accomplished a lot. After all he sponsored or co-sponsored over 1500 pieces of legislation in the state and US Senates. Forget that nothing of significance was accomplished, because he weighs only the effort, not the results! So people like Obama are vortexes of ineffectiveness, sucking energy and effectiveness out of all everything and everyone around them, until there is complete absence of life…yes they are Black holes.

The sad thing is it is easy to see the same thing developing in Obama’s bid for the presidency. He wants to take on world poverty, and I am serious. He actually sponsored a bill to this effect in the US Senate. He wants to tackle world peace, and again I am serious. He will protect the Earth, for God’s sake, as if Earth can’t survive without him. Forget that Earth is a few billion years old, and is made of rock. Earth needs him…The Messiah.

This is God Complex personified. Obama is not running for President of the US but President of the World, dare I say the Universe! So why would Obama possibly need excuses?

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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