Liberal States Seeing Red

Bailout – Part III

So the socialists’ policies are finally catching up with the Liberal states. I knew it was just a matter of time. And as California likes to brag that they are the leader in issues moving across the country, here is leadership they can be proud of. They lead the states in deficit spending.

A couple of months ago California had a $15B budget shortfall, amongst the largest in state history, according to a NY Times article. And now they face an $11B deficit that they may not be able to pay this spring. So what’s happening?

The plunging revenues — the result of an unusual assemblage of personal, sales, capital gains and corporate taxes falling significantly…”.

Translation: Corporation taxes are not falling; corporations are moving out of California and into neighboring states. Arizona and especially Nevada send their thanks!

The article continues,

Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and state legislators are preparing to do battle over a proposed 1.5-cent sales tax increase, while in New York, Mr. Paterson, a Democrat, has proposed $5.2 billion worth of savings, principally cuts to Medicaid and education.”

Schwarzenegger, a bona fide RINO is looking to increase the sales tax, though his Republican congress likely won’t allow it. Thankfully there is some sanity in the land of fruits and nuts. Paterson, the Democrat in New York may finally be trying to get it right by cutting spending. This would be ironic, if Schwarzenegger were a true Conservative Republican, but I will give a “Wear a Cup” to Paterson for taking this stance.

Anyway, the Blue State woes don’t stop with these two strongholds of Liberalism, as Maryland and Virginia are beset with issues as well. Here is what the Washington Times reported back in August:

Despite national political trends that should bode well for Democrats, these are not happy days for a pair of local Democratic Party “stars”: Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia. The two regional leaders, activist liberals who aren’t terribly shy about spending other people’s money, find themselves in the very uncomfortable position of making the political rounds telling their constituents about the need for belt-tightening. At least in the short term, they are taking a political drubbing as a result of 1) the poor national economy, which is depressing state tax revenues; and 2) their own irresponsible spending plans and overpromising.”

Does the part about irresponsible spending and overpromising sound familiar? In a word…Obama.

So that’s four Liberal states and counting. And if you will link to this interactive map, you will see that it only gets worse for Liberal states. Now this is not to say that Conservative states don’t have their issues, because many of them have succumbed to the “tax and spend” policies of the Liberals, and thus are running deficits as well. However what you will see is the trend that many Conservative states are either not running deficits at all or are running much smaller deficits than the average their Liberal counterparts. As for the Liberal states, they are “putting band-aids on bullet holes. ”

And most of these states have their hands out. They are like a gang of little gypsy pickpockets fleecing the American taxpayer. Just like the auto industry, another Liberal testament to inefficiency.

Liberal politicians have created their own crises in their states with their promises, and vote buying, and then have the nerve to ask the taxpayers foot the bill. Have I made the pattern clear enough here? If you are stupid on the micro level, you are just as stupid on the macro level. What’s my point? Liberals can’t run businesses (with only anecdotal exceptions), and they certainly can’t run state or Federal economies.

So just as the people, not Congress, told the auto industry that enough is enough, we now must spread this message to the states and ultimately the Fed. Our message should resonate so loudly their teeth chatter. We must let them know that the days of deficit spending have ended, and that they tell their precocious Liberal constituent children, “No”. They can’t have everything they want, and the government is not there for their whims.

We are at an opportune time to spank Liberal politicians for pandering, then leave their constituents high and dry. We can show the world that Liberal politicians are con artists, pure and simple. Yes I said it!

Why do we need to begin this re-education of the American public? Because if you believe the financial crisis and the auto crisis are major issues, just wait until you meet the mother of all crises: The Entitlement Crisis.

$10 Trillion in unfunded Social Security, and speculation is that Medicare/Medicaid will be $40+ Trillion.

That’s my rant!

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