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No Guvment Schools for Obamas

I find myself in constant outrage with Barack “Allow me to introduce myselves” Obama. My previous outrage was his so-called charity. He gave less than $9,000 to charity over a four year period after he and his wife earned almost $1,000,000.

And while Barack “Two Face Obama was giving essentially nothing to charity, he is telling Joe the Plumber that he wants to tax us, definition of “tax” being how the new, young, weaker inmate enters Rikers maximum security prison, and is “taxed” by the bigger, meaner, stronger inmate. But you know the saying, “Charity begins at home”. Well with Two Face, charity stays at home.

But my outrage today is not focused on taxes. My outrage today has to do with Barry “No ‘guvment’ schools for my kids” Obama, yet another “do as I say America, not as I do“.

Apparently “guvment” schools in DC are not good enough for the Obama’s daughters. And in what is becoming a common theme with Obama, he is following the footsteps of the Clintons, considering Sidwell Friends School, a private school in the DC area where Chelsea Clinton attended. President-elect Hillary approved the move, so Michelle was cleared to visit.

This move is not a surprise to us “Obama Watchers”, because the new royal family is no stranger to not having their daughters in “guvment” schools. Yes, while the then junior senator was out fighting for the rights of the downtrodden citizens of Chicago, and making a case for the Chicago “guvment” school system, his daughters were prepping for greatness in private school. And the result for all of Senator Obama’s hard work in IL addressing Chicago’s “guvment” schools:

With graduation rates at 55%, Camita Vaughn, Chief of Staff at Chicago Public Schools says, [the data shows that],

“…For most of these students, this is not a one-time decision — they don’t wake up one morning and decide they don’t want to leave school. It’s a slow process that happens over time, and sometimes starts as early as middle-grade. The student starts disengaging from school, absences go up, course grades go down; if there’s not intense intervention and prevention with those students then they can just slide through the cracks.”

So here is where Obama’s kids were, while other Chicagoans’ kids were sliding through these cracks: The Lab School.

The Lab School is
considered one of the top preparatory schools in the United States, said to be amongst the top five feeder institutions in the nation for elite colleges. Notable graduates include a Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens (’37) and frankly too many other notables to mention. It would be fair to say that this school graduates more leaders in business, politics, and so on than most schools graduate in a decade. And I suspect that their graduation rate is much higher than the dismal rate of 55% experienced by Chicago “guvment” schools.

It is likely that the rest of America would like the opportunity to opt out of “guvment” schools, and move our children to more prestigious institutions like The Lab School or Sidwell, but we couldn’t afford the tuition of roughly $28,000 a year. Unless we had vouchers perhaps?

I won’t belabor the obvious hypocrisy. And I don’t begrudge the president-elect his rightful place in the White House, his upgrade in transportation, and his highly protective entourage. I just want to know why “guvment” schools are good enough for us, but not for Obama’s children. So much for change.

That’s my rant!

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