Obama – House Negro

I normally don’t find myself agreeing with terrorists, however I have to agree with Ayman al-Zawahiri, in his depiction of Obama as a “house Negro”. As I have written recently, I find all the moves Obama is making reminiscent of the 3rd Clinton term. So I deem Obama’s term “Black Power with White Supervision.”

On O’Reilly tonight Sharpton denounced al-Zawahiri for calling president-elect Obama a “house Negro”. Yet it was Al Sharpton who in fact gave General and Secretary of State Colin Powell his battlefield demotion to “house Negro“.
Since Powell subsequently endorsed Obama, perhaps Sharpton would like to retract the demotion, and reinstate Powell’s former rank of “field Negro”?

Now al-Zawahiri mentioned Secretary Powell and Condoleeza Rice as “house Negros” as well, so might we speculate that Powell’s demotion could have influenced Obama’s demotion in the Arab world? It is a theory worthy of consideration.

All this said, perhaps the real question is, “Why has the terrorist world turned its back on Obama, demoting him to ‘house Negro’?” Maybe they are upset at the amount of unaccounted monies they sent to Obama’s campaign, yet they are not properly represented in his cabinet? Obama is certainly pandering to other groups. Let’s take a look…

  • With the appointment of Eric Holder whom I believe will be the “token” Black, Obama at least patronized Blacks.
  • The appointment of Emanuel appears to have satisfied the Jews. But nothing for the terrorists.
  • Consider that Massa Bill will get his ambassadorship. One of my readers said that she hoped he would be sent to a country that practices cannibalism, so “hat tip” to her for that idea.
  • Miss Hillary is getting the #3 spot, thus satisfying the “affirmative action” quota for unqualified White women.
  • And now Obama has bolstered the women’s vote further with the appointment of Napolitano as Chief of Homeland Security. I really felt comfortable he would appoint one of his terrorist friends to this position, but he fooled me on this one.
  • Various other appointments have kept most of the misfits from rattling their cages, but again, nothing for terrorists!

So we can all see why al-Zawahiri is a bit upset. However, I have it from Washington insiders that negotiations are underway to fill at least one cabinet post with a terrorist. The short list of candidates is as follows:

That’s my rant!

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