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You have to hand it to Obama, as he has at least told some of the truth in his ‘redistribution of wealth program‘, aptly named Trickly Up Poverty. I mean, most politicians would not have the cojones to showcase their ignorance so blatantly. Now one might suggest that he is just “keeping it real“. However my theory is that being the pimp that he is, Obama is cocky enough to believe that the country is ready for socialism, and in fact wants it. 

So for him, it is not a stretch to tell [Black] people that he will take from the rich [Whitey] and give to them.

But Obama is no Robin Hood. He is more of a castrated Al Capone. And somewhere in a small jar in Michelle’s purse rests Barry’s “cojones”. Truth be told, there is speculation that they were hers to begin with.

All these thoughts of “cojones” [“that don’t make me gay, you know!” – anon], and in consideration of the possibility of Obama actually having “cojones”, which I must admit makes me chuckle every time, my mind fixated on the comparison of the two presidential candidates, or their “cojones” in times of trouble.

Now comparing these two men, being truthful, it’s like comparing the class nerd to a Navy Seal

On one hand you have a guy who really hasn’t done anything except to “position” to be considered more than what he really is. Hyperbole at every opportunity, like in defining his role in his first real job, a community organizer. 

And even when he got in a position to do things, like his role in the state senate of IL and the US Senate, he managed to accomplish essentially nothing,  something for which we should actually grateful, given his views.

Obama was likely the butt of a lot of jokes as a teen, when you consider he wanted to be the “smart articulate Black guy“, when that wasn’t in vogue. As I have explained in other blogs, Blacks eat our young, particularly our best and brightest, which Obama certainly had the halfway (get it?!) potential of being. 

Obama negotiated himself out of a lot of ‘butt kickings’ as a youth, of this I am sure. This is why believes he can “reason” with terrorists. So in my comparison, Obama is obviously the class nerd who would be president. Now he wants his revenge.  He actually started getting revenge in his selection of Joe Biden as VP, as I discuss in The Biden Experiment.

Contrast this with our Navy Seal. Now I am not saying that McCain was a Navy Seal, because he wasn’t. But when you consider what McCain went through in that prisoner of war camp in Vietnam, as far as I am concerned, McCain was a Navy Seal, Green Beret, Ranger, and Rock Marine all rolled into one.

During McCain’s interment he sustained broken shoulders, broken arms, and who knows what else. He could have gone home early, had he just capitulated to his captors; tell them what they wanted to hear. Say things like, “America is an imperialist pig, and the war is wrong, etc“. But McCain didn’t crack. And unlike Kerry’s swift boat team, all of McCain’s fellow POWs say that they (read this slowly) “…couldn’t have made it without him.”

Ask yourself what Obama is willing to go through for the sake of America? Well my prediction is that put in the same situation as McCain, Obama would be braiding hair and giving manicures, if you know what I mean. 

And since no other POWs would have survived, like his Harvard record and every other controversial thing in his life that he has attempted to cover up, only Obama would be left to tell us what he wants us to know. We would be left to only speculate on exactly how many Vietnamese men had their “salads tossed” by Barronica. Let’s just say that those big ears might have come in handy at Camp Sodomy.

Will we ever really get the whole story on Barronica? I think not.

That’s my rant!

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