Liberal “Trickeration”

If your neighborhood is like mine, you are still seeing lots of Obama-Biden signs in people’s yards. At first I thought they were still gloating over the win. The idea that they finally stole an election…back, as they would say.

Or perhaps they gloat because they were able to get the most inexperienced, least worthy candidate in the history of America elected. That is an accomplishment, when you consider the history of Democrat’s presidents.

But I figured out why all the signs were still up, and it is for a whole different reason: The postmen need to know where to deliver the “giveaway” checks.

Yes, the Democrats were the lottery winners and 40% of them put a dime in the slot machine and will receive $1500 payday. And as soon as Obama gets officially sworn in, he will issue “stimulus checks” to “working Americans“.  For Blacks the stimulus check is our “40 acres”, or at least the interest on it. So where’s the mule? 

With the auto industry bailout, the mule is coming likely in the form of a “Cadlac” Navigator. Make no mistake about it, unless something catastrophic happens, the Fed will bail out the auto industry. Let me tell you why.

Congress’ approval rating is lower than Bush’s, and that is without the media dogging them, as they dogged Bush. So they figure that they should go ahead and do all the damage they can do that will prop up the party, i.e. save the Union, and impose more socialist policies in America, because they can’t go much lower in popularity.

And right about the time when their popularity has hit rock bottom, along will come the “stimulus checks”, and the American public will have been bought and paid for. The smiles will be back on the face of poor folks all over America. The Messiah will have delivered. Socialism in place.

Fellow Conservatives, follow my logic here, and Liberals get your fingers out of your noses and pay attention.

Something has been bothering me about Obama actually saying that he will maintain the Bush tax cuts and not raising taxes, at least for now. Initially I was thrilled and thought that perhaps Obama had some sort of “come to Jesus meeting” with people smarter than he, who advised him of his evil and errant ways. But then I remembered I was dealing with Obama…a devout socialist, who believes he is The Messiah. So I began to think like an elitist socialist, and the answer came to me.

Both the bailout and the stimulus package(s) will all have to eventually be paid by somebody. Guess who? You got it…us! It’s a setup. If he doesn’t rock the boat with tax increases, he believes Conservatives will look the other way when he shouts, “Hey Stupid, look over there!”

Thus, there is no need to tax us, since Obama will get his pound of flesh, thrown red meat to his peeps, and promote his socialist agenda, all in one fell swoop.  Brilliant strategy!  That is if you want to bring America to its knees.

So my advice is to put the sign up in your yard, and hope that the postman rings twice.

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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