Obama says, “I’m in Charge”

How many times will president-elect Obama let us know that he is “in charge”? Not since Alexander Haig’s “I’m in control here” declaration when Reagan was shot, have I seen such posturing.

Understand,” he said Monday, addressing those who watched, “I will be setting policy as president. I will be responsible for the vision that this team carries out, and I will expect them to implement that vision once decisions are made.”

In almost every press conference he reminds us that his team will come up with ideas, however it is he who will set the vision. And he makes his proclamation after informing us of the latest ex-Clinton administration appointee to Bill Clin…excuse me, to his cabinet.

I find it humorous that he finds it necessary to keep telling us that he is setting the vision. Could he be trying to convince himself? And setting the vision for what? He is not even president yet. Even when he is president, believe me when I tell you that a rerun of the Clinton administration is nothing for which he may want to emulate.

What you may not know is that it was the Republican congress that kept Clinton on the straight and narrow, at least politically they managed to keep him in check. Socially, Clinton preferred “thick and curvy” over the “straight and narrow“. [Chuckle]

Contrast Clinton’s tenure or what I affectionately refer to as “The Hillbilly Years“, [pardon the double entendre but, note pictures)], with six phenomenal years under Bush.

Even with a devastating terrorist attack that sent the stock market plummeting into the 7000s, Bush was able to keep the economy moving, create jobs, and preserve investments, and take the market to over 14000.

Enter stage left: Congress falls under the control of the Democrats, and we get two devastating years. See what happens when inmates escape the asylum? Had it not been for Obama and cronies exacerbating the financial crisis, there would be no recession.

As for Obama’s continual statements that he is “large and in charge“, personally I take them as threats. It’s like he’s saying to people like me, “if you keep peeing in my punch, then I’m really going to start running the show. And you know how ‘karaaaazy’ I am.”

OK Barry, we get it. You are not in charge, but you want us to think that you are. I can play along (wink). Black Power with White Supervision, as I have stated in previous rants. It is as you say, that you are “setting the vision“; the vision of a socialist America.

Despite the fact that socialism hasn’t worked anywhere in the world, because Obama is the Chosen One, the Messiah, I am willing to give it a chance, something I would do for no other Liberal. OK, it’s because he is Black or at least half Black, there’s your race card.

So here are my needs, and then “you had me at ‘hello’“:

  • I’d like a phat house like the one you are vacating, and not one of these “guvment” project homes that are always near MLK Blvd in all big cities.
  • Though I likely won’t be working, I still need a vacation home. The unproductive need getaways, right? I prefer my 2nd home be in Malibu, but I will settle for Lake Tahoe, Nevada-side, so I am closer to the casinos. I like to gamble, and will have the time.
  • I’d like to put my kids in private schools, so they can avoid the bad teachers and violence that comes with our “guvment” controlled schools. Even though there is no incentive for them to become somebody other than a politician, I’d like them to at least have been taught the archaic concepts of hard work and accountability.
  • I’d like two cars, Japanese and German of course, that is if the newly formed Unites States Federal Government Auto Company (FGAC) doesn’t mandate that that I must get one of their vehicles.
  • Oh, and I need a truck for Home Depot runs. Since I will not be working, I will have time to do repairs and upgrades to my new home.
  • I’d also like a boat. I could really use two, since I’d like to park one at the vacation spot, but I don’t want to appear greedy, and will settle for one. I will find a friend with a yacht in Malibu.
  • And oh yeah, as for my monthly stipend, I’m guessing around $25K a month tax-free should keep me going. It ain’t Donald Trump coin, but I will figure out a way to survive on it.

I do reserve the right to vote myself more money, should I need it in the future. I never know when I might want to splurge a bit and do some “deficit spending“. At the very least, have a billion or so in reserve that I can tap into, if needed.

As for Obama really being “in charge”, just saying he is the toughest kid on the block is not going to keep him out of fights anymore. This Lincolnesque approach of surrounding himself with “enemies” will likely get him a knee to the crotch. If he can get me what I have requested above, then I will watch his back for him. If not, then I say to Obama, “Wear a cup“!

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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