Back to the Future – Racist Democrats

I’ve stolen the race card today, because we Conservatives are in serious need of affirmative action.

As a Black Conservative, I’m beginning to feel like my parents and grandparents must have felt back in the 50s and 60s, when Blacks were being oppressed by Democrats and their racist policies. Because today, Democrats are going “Back to the Future” in the oppression of Conservatives.

I learned recently that the University of Colorado doesn’t want to admit a Conservative Fellow, as this article from points out:

“Far left liberals comprise the majority of faculty at our state’s flagship university, the University of Colorado-Boulder. Throughout the country, anyone familiar with the country’s largest universities knows they lean far to the left and CU leans farther than most. This has never been in serious dispute. A short visit to the campus will suffice in making this fact perfectly clear. For decades, conservative students who have dared speak their minds at CU have reported harassment and even violent resistance. Though surveys aren’t needed to reveal the leftist nature of CU-Boulder, surveys have been done. One showed that 94 percent of the faculty were registered Democrats. At the much smaller Denver campus, 98 percent were Democrats. The remaining 4 percent and 2 percent were comprised of Independents, Greens, Republicans and others.”

Admittedly it’s been some time, since I was actually inside of a college, having graduated in 1986. But based on what I understand about America’s colleges and universities, I would fully expect to see signs like “Liberals Only” on the water coolers, bathrooms, and cafeterias in these institutions of “lower learning.”

It appears that liberals have shifted their oppression from Blacks and other minorities, their vitriol now pointed at Conservatives. And they are using the same tactics as their kinsmen the KKK did in the 1950s,

“…For decades, conservative students who have dared speak their minds at CU have reported harassment and even violent resistance.”

Liberals are for all points of view…except those that differ from theirs? Hypocrits. And you don’t have to look too far back in history to understand why Democrats feel this way about Conservatives. After all, Conservative values map perfectly with Black values. Let’s examine the Black family, circa 1950.

Black families of the 1950s were for the most part, whole, nuclear families, with both parents present in the home. Both parents worked, usually at menial jobs, but they managed to pay their bills, and get home to eat with their kids. 

There was a focus on education, as back then it was something that was not readily available to Blacks back then, as it is today.

The core of the 1950s Black family was a strong spiritual foundation, which permeated into society as a whole.

Being raised by my grandparents, I was exposed to those 1950s Black sensibilities, when I was given $10 by a friend of mine. My grandmother thought I might have stolen it, so she took me to my friend’s house, and made me tell my story, in front of God and everybody. My friend thankfully admitted giving me the money. I was made to give it back anyway.

A powerful lesson for seven-year old to get, which was, “…you can’t get something for nothing.” A conservative value, and a concept that leaves liberals contemplating their navels.

So what are liberals so afraid of? This was the same question people were asking in the 1950s about Black people, until a decade later Blacks revolted. And we had a little help.

With the help of Republicans, the cause of civil rights was again at the forefront. For those of you who may have forgotten, Republicans had earlier taken up this mantle for Blacks when Republicans FREED THE SLAVES! Sorry to get a little loud there. And when Khrushchev sent Kennedy back home with his tail between his legs, so he would listen to that great Black Republican, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the cause of civil rights was finally seen as politically expedient by those racist Democrats.

Here’s the wrap:

Frankly I am not surprised by the Liberals’ racist intimidation tactics. From where I sit, it is just the circular pattern of life. This time however they are smart enough to not use water cannons and police dogs. Oh, and their targets are more difficult to spot.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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