Big Brother Democrats

Democrats are always presenting Republicans as the Orwellian sort. You know, Big Brother wanting to spy on the average American and take away our rights. When in fact, it is the liberal Democrats who want a government that knows your every move.

And they have clever ways to disguise their true motives. For example, it was a Democrat think-tank that changed the word “tax” to “revenue enhancement“. That’s a creative change in terminology to deflect from the fact that your taxes were going to be raised. Because when the Democrats use the innocuous term of “revenue enhancement”, most Americans have no idea of what they heard.

The latest revenue enhancement idea shows you who the real Orwellians are, because the Democrats now want to revenue enhance your “freedom of movement“. Case in point: Oregon.

As this article in Yahoo points out, Oregon is proposing taxing “mileage”, instead of gasoline. Why? Because of all these “green” cars are too…green.

“Oregon is among a growing number of states exploring ways to tax drivers based on the number of miles they drive instead of how much gas they use…The idea first emerged nearly 10 years ago as Oregon lawmakers worried that fuel-efficient cars such as gas-electric hybrids could pose a threat to road upkeep, which is paid for largely with gasoline taxes.”

The Democrats forced automakers to build fuel-efficient cars, and in typical liberal fashion didn’t look at the long-range potential of their “engineering of the economy“. So now they want the taxpayer to foot the bill for their inane idea. And ultimately the automakers will pay as well, because why buy a green car, when there is no advantage for the consumer?

No you may be thinking that this liberal lunacy is limited to Oregon. If you think this, then you don’t know the liberal takeover methodology of “baby steps“.

Liberals litmus test ideas with polls. They then pick a willing lunatic fringe [BlackSphere code for “Liberal state”], and roll it out the program. Finally, they establish a coalition of more liberal states who can’t pay their bills:

“James Whitty, the Oregon Department of Transportation employee in charge of the state’s effort, said he’s also heard talk of mileage tax proposals in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado and Minnesota.
“There is kind of a coalition that’s naturally forming around this,” he said.”

With the exception of Florida (a pink state, not a red state), this is a coalition of BLUE states who for the most part are running significant state deficits.

But let’s examine the bigger issue, which is how they plan to monitor and collect this new revenue enhancement. They will be tracking your movement:

“…even going so far as to install GPS monitoring devices in 300 vehicles.”

GPS tracking of every location that you take your car. And you thought that the Republicans monitoring of phone calls of terrorists on a limited basis in order to protect Americans was Orwellian? This pales in comparison to what an omnipotent Federal government can do when monitoring your every movement in order to…collect a tax? Something tells me there may be more to this tracking?

And don’t think that the liberals are making this a “states'” issue. They are looking for the Fed to step in and help put the Feds’ teeth into this program:

“Congress is talking about it, too. A congressional commission has envisioned a system similar to the prototype Oregon tested in 2006-2007.”

Here’s the wrap:

Is anyone surprised that the congress of Pelosi and Reid would be considering this very creative revenue enhancement idea? Likely not. Because there is nothing more creative than imposing a sneaky tax, that has the added benefit of tracking your every move.

That’s my rant!

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