New Obama Plan Now 4.1M Jobs!

You probably thought I was kidding when I wrote this in a previous blog, titled Whiskey Shot With a Beer Chaser:

“Now you might be asking, “What has changed that added the additional 500,000 to the goal?” Did the US hit the Nigerian lotto? Did we find Al Capone’s real vault? Short answer: Nothing has changed. However, when you are full of empty promises, you can promise whatever you like. Next week Obama will likely increase the jobs goal to five million, no, make it ten!

Recall in my blog Obama the Creator of 2.5M Jobs that I defined ‘save’ in Obamaspeak. The clue here is that if you get to keep your job, then Obama saved it. It really is that simple. When it is all said and done, Obama will likely take credit for “saving” ten million jobs, and the media, liberal pundits, and so on will be anointing his feet with oil.”

This article in Yahoo News validates my ability as a prophet:

For a second time since his election, Obama increased the number of jobs his jobs program would create, taking the number to as many as 4.1 million jobs saved or created — a benchmark his critics charge cannot be measured. During the campaign, he promised only 1 million new jobs.”

So I was a month off, and a little short on the number, but the new tally is 4.1M jobs. Pretty close to the five million I suggested. And there are nine days left until Obama’s coronation, so the ultimate number of ten million remains in the cross hairs!

So exactly how much stock can we put in these new promises? Here is the answer in Obama’s own words:

I want to be realistic here. Not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped,” Obama told ABC’s “This Week” for an interview set to air Sunday.”

Really! Translation from ObamaSpeak : I pimped you prostitutes, but good. – Taxacious

And as I have reported numerous times, what comment from the Obama team would be complete without the requisite “get out of jail” clauses? Here are two from the article:

  1. The 14-page analysis, which was posted online, says estimates are “subject to significant margins of error” — because of the assumptions that went into the economic models and because it is not known what might pass Congress.

  2. If Congress fails to enact a big economic recovery plan, Obama’s advisers estimate that an additional 3 million to 4 million jobs will disappear before the recession ends. Obama’s team also noted that with or without the plan, the jobless rate by 2014 would be the same.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama believes in his ability to mesmerize the American public. Up to this point, he has certainly achieved more than likely he even dreamed of.

He thinks he’s still campaigning, and we are witnessing how Obama will govern…constant campaigning. Because when you have no good ideas, you must constantly test the crazy ones!

He will throw out numbers, concepts, notions, and potions. Judge the response, then repeat. And when he gets the answer you want to hear, he will promise that.

Obama can make all the promises that he wants, as it will mean nothing. Because as Stephanopoulus said of Clinton in an interview with Larry King, “…the President has kept all the promises he intended to keep.” Like Obama’s cabinet selections, he will be no different than Clinton with regard to promises.

That’s my rant!

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