Vote for The Black Sphere – Best New Blog!


Apologies to “~synthesis”, as he was unwittingly given massive votes by naer-do-wells! My bad. So I won’t be blasting his site, and have removed that from my list.

I still want my team voting, despite the shenanigans! We have had a lot of traffic to the site, and our team in gaining a voice in all this political, excuse me LIBERAL madness!

I want to ask my supporters to vote the following blogs for three different awards:
FAUSTA – Best Large Blog
WIND ROSE HOTEL – Best European Blog (Non-UK)
BLUE COLLAR MUSE – Best Conservative Blog
DEADENDER for Best Hidden Gem.
And of course keep voting for The Black Sphere for Best New Blog as we intend to make it respectable!

You can vote every day from today through Jan 13, and get your friends to do the same. Think ACORN conservatives! If you use a different URL, you can likely vote more than once, but you didn’t hear that from me!

Please go to Best New Blog and click on The Black Sphere!



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