All Jokes Aside

Usually I am not one to necessarily take a comment back, as it were.  However yesterday I said something that I do want to take back, and that was referring to Biden as “a retarded uncle”.  All jokes aside, this was an insult to people with disabilities, and I apologize to them for the comment.

I don’t normally care about “political correctness“, however what I do care about are those who cannot fight for themselves. I have defended these people my entire life, and will continue to do so. They are those for whom I believe our compassion and charity is meant.

Right now in America children with disabilities are in a life and death struggle against Liberals, moreso than the rest of us. Because their very lives are at stake. Many are simply not being born.

A doctor runs a test on a pregnant mom, and a baby is terminated based solely on a test. “If my child is not perfect, then I don’t want it” is the prevailing attitude.

I don’t know the statistics, but I do know that an alarming number of children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome for example are killed each year in vitro , simply because the parents or the woman does not want to deal with that outcome. And they will say that it is for the child. But we all know that it is for the parent.

So let’s create a world of athletes, intellectuals and beauty queens. That world would be fascinating, right? The snobbery at cocktail parties, and all the one-upmanship of “who knows who”, and “look what I own”. “I wish I had her legs, I wish I had his job, I wish I had his wife, and so on.”

Some of us know or have known this world, and though it has its allure, after a while you want to “opt out”. You opt out, because it’s fake, fraud…phony.

And even if you don’t know it at the most glamorous level, you see glimpses of it in your job, or in your own personal “Real ‘Fake’ Wives of Whatever City USA“.  Ah, to wake up every day trying to please others.

So what do we ultimately want? We want something real.

Psychologists say that aside from basic survival needs as described by Maslow, what people really want, what really nourishes the soul is to be… understood. To be understood, a person must be raw, exposed… vulnerable.

I talk about wearing mask much of my life, and I have, as have we all. We are what we want the world to see; then we have who we confront every day in the mirror. I pray to God that I have put my masks away.

Here’s the wrap:

I put my masks away, because I imagine my life through the eyes of one of God’s “less perfect” children. I imagine what they see when they look in the mirror, and then face the world. I realized that they didn’t care.

There is no chasm between those two people they see. They are the most real people on earth!

They don’t pre-judge. They aren’t concerned with labels of clothes, cars, or what celebrities they know. They are simple people who enjoy the simple things in life. And if we are smart we will take our lessons from them, and remind ourselves that it is the simple things in life that mean the most.

The good thing about kids with disabilities is they grow up to be adults who overcome their disabilities. And they remind us of the true realities of a happy life.

No rant, just truth. Thanks Diane…

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Right Reserved

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