Ethics Lesson from Obama

Obama promised the most ethical administration in the history of America. This declaration was supposed to convince us that Obama’s administration will deal with the American people with openness and honesty. So far…I’m underwhelmed.

If the pork buried in Obama’s $900B spending bill is any indication, I’d say that like Clinton redefined “is“, Obama may be redefining “ethical“.

Obama’s spending package, he calls “stimulus”, but that I call Obamulus is the perfect example of ethics as defined by Obama. 

Obamulus is being railroaded through the Senate, and as late as this morning, less than three hours before senators are due to vote on it, I have heard two senators admit that they haven’t read it. 

Further breaking news is there is a provision for the Fed to track your health care coverage, and determine what treatments you can receive. Is there any doubt that we will continue to find additional bits of bacon buried within Obamulus?  That was a mouthful, huh?

Nevertheless in an effort to prove his sincerity in creating, [trumpets please] “the most ethical administration in history“, yesterday it was announced that Obama will move the census bureau under the authority of the White House, and away from the Commerce Department.

This is hardly noteworthy news, one might think. Except when you consider that the census has the ability to reshape the electoral process.  Then it takes on ominous undertones, which by the way is my personal theme for Obama’s administration.  The Obamious Undertones…catch their act, at a theater near you.

The Obaminous Undertones are nothing more than a gang of thieves, stealing democracy, and intent on ruining the republic that is America. This “open and honest” move is ACORN on steroids.

And the census comes along for Obama just in the nick of time for another part of Obama’s plan: Job creation.

Recall that Obama’s jobs creation or savings plan began at 2.5M; then grew to 3M, finally settling on 4.1M? Well the final jump likely came when Obama calculated in the 1.2M jobs that get created via the census.

So 1.2M of the 4.1M jobs that Obama will be creating is because of the census, and not Obama. These jobs would have been created if we had elected a Chimpanzee.  [Ok, I lobbed you a softball!]

Now don’t think Obama won’t take credit for these 1.2M new jobs. And the fact that these are “temp” jobs has no bearing on Obama’s plan. Jobs is jobs folks.  So what are the parameters for these jobs?

First a federal census worker will earn between $10 and $25 an hour. Not exactly the high paying jobs promised in the campaign, but when you consider mostly ObamaBots will be getting these jobs, these will be considered high paying jobs. Don’t be surprised to hear about Obamatrons quitting their permanent jobs, to get a raise working for the “gubment”. But pay is not the issue here, control is.

Just like ACORN, this group of ObamaBots will be cheating like Obama’s cabinet appointees at income tax time.  They will be counting illegal aliens, visiting aliens, intergalactic aliens, outergalactic aliens, and just about anything alien that moves…oh, in solidly Democratic states.  And of course they will not be counting hardworking, taxpaying Conservatives and Republicans in RED states. 

So what we will end up with is a rigged electoral count favoring Dems. And because the census will be handled by the White House, you can expect ethical treatment, as defined by Obama:  No oversight by the Commerce Department. Any guesses on how the Liberal media will report on this?  So the foxes will be guarding the hen house.

Here’s the wrap:

This is a pure and simple Democrat power grab, that would essentially insure Obama’s re-election in 2012. 

With legislation working its way through Congress to remove term limits, consider the ramifications of unlimited Obama?

Conservatives are getting punked. If we continue taking knives to gun fights, we might as well announce our allegiance to the US of Obama.

Obama is a lawyer, and a professional campaigner. He wants to guarantee the win, before the fight occurs. This is right out of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  This move does just that, and Obama is reminding us that there are no ethics in fighting.

So if you take this lying down, then be prepared to take it bending over.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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