Obama Has Found “Hope”

We got change, but somewhere in the first 30 days of ObamaNation we lost hope. The title of Obama’s book was prophetic…The Audacity of Hope. It might have been more aptly titled, “The Audacity of You to Have Hope“.

Obama has now informed us that hope has been found. Apparently hope is a rebellious 16-year old, who didn’t want to listen to Obama. The people who voted for “hope and change” might be smart to follow hope’s example.

Nevertheless, the real first Black president and second 3rd-term president n in the history of the US warned his younger protégé Obama to be more optimistic. Put the “O” in optimism, son.  Get hope back. Ironic, Bill Clinton asking Obama for changeback to hope. Are you as confused as I am?

Obama’s speech sounded like more of the same to me. He tried to hide his real disdain for America…excuse me, rich Americans. He made sure to put the problems on the previous administration, reminding us, yet again that he inherited this mess we call America. And it is his ideas and our unwavering support (of his ideas) that will get us through.

Of course I didn’t expect him to blame himself and the rest of his cronies in congress, the real culprits who exacerbated the financial crisis, and many others. He did manage however to blame (a) the people he is rewarding, as well as (b) the banks who donated to his campaign in this comment:

“People bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford…from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway.”

As we can see, Obama is an equal opportunity punisher to those whom he has bought and paid for. Nothing like a little “pimp slap” to remind people that they are nothing more than prostitutes.

What were noticeably missing for me in this speech were the congratulations for those of us who have built small businesses and pay our taxes and our bills. Now that would have provided the fabric an uplifting speech.

“Thanks to those of you whom I am robbing, raping, and raking over the hot embers of the fire of socialism.  You know who you are. You are the hardworking Conservatives who have struggled to get where you are. You are my top priority in my War on Achievement. You have and will continue to carry the brunt of the burden for these deadbeats I need to pay back.”

I did manage to find the place where the speech became optimistic, and it proved that hope is still alive. It is when Obama said the following:

“None of this will come without cost, nor will it be easy…”

I knew there was hope in there somewhere.  Who knows how much Obama’s War on Achievement will ultimately cost? But the hope is that America will continue to approve the decimation of its “best and brightest”.  One can only hope.  

But you can bet that as Obama held his recent summit on fiscal responsibility, and asked the nation to tighten its belt, he won’t be doing the same.  No hope needed on that one, on this you can bank.

Here’s the wrap:

Obamulus von Porkulus has been an albatross around Obama’s neck. This state of the Union address to Congress was nothing more than an attempt to sell America and the world more words. Nothing has changed, except his approval numbers. Let’s just say they aren’t getting better for Obama.

There was nothing inspiring in this speech, but he will likely get a bump in his approval numbers. It won’t last long, as I believe his followers are getting a bit tired of the rhetoric, and the media will follow soon enough. There is such a thing as over-selling. And by the way, his ideas are truly…stupid.

For now however, I’m glad some in America believe that we have found hope. But like authorities treat many 16-year old runaways, hope will get no real help. So our hopes have been placed in the sweaty palms of pimps and predators.

For hope’s sake, I hope she is still lost and trying to find her own way.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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