It’s Not Obama’s Fault, Right?

I find it quite humorous when Liberals “read the riot act” to business leaders, as Obama did on AIG giving out bonuses. In this case it’s doubly funny, because Obama should be excoriating himself. And the majority of Democrats in Congress deserve a good flogging as well.

The fact is, we should have never bailed out AIG. It did little to help the economy, and it didn’t allow market forces to do what it does best: Torpedo companies that do not perform. Bailing AIG and other companies out only reinforces the fact that the Obama government wages war on achievers, and gives handouts to the undeserving and pitiful. You know who you are…

Next, Obama and Congress are to blame for not putting restrictions on our money, that they wrecklessly doled out. Again, it is they who should be read the riot act. This is like your loaning your wino cousin $20, and then getting mad at him when he buys wine. Oh, and you will never see that $20 again!

Obama and Congress knew that AIG was a company run aground. That is the only description for a company that needed more money than the GDP of fifty African countries in order to operate profitably. Yet Obama, et al are surprised by all of this.

That alone is the greatest indicator of the ignorance of Obama and his “non-leadership” team. However, if you don’t recognize this ignorance, then you are in fact just as ignorant as they are. No, I’ve changed my mind…you would be geometrically more ignorant than they are.

Here’s another real dirty little secret about the bonuses. Those people at AIG actually earned their bonuses. Most are the “best and brightest” at AIG, just doing their jobs. They lived up to their contractual agreements at AIG. These are the “producers”, and not the Liberal dead weight that exists in every company. Instead of Obama calling them out publicly to punish them, Obama should be congratulating them. But he is too stupid to understand that concept, as it would be counter-culture to his War on Achievement.

Imagine the Yankees getting new ownership, then voiding the contract of Alex Rodriguez, because “it might look bad”.

Finally consider all the money that has been spent to prop up the unions. Is Obama or any other Democrat calling out the union leaders for burying their companies with the deals that they have cut; deal that are eating up taxpayer money, like Black folks eating ribs at a BBQ? Let’s analyze their undeserved bonuses.

We have given billions to the auto industry, yet GM says that they may still need to declare bankruptcy. Our tax dollars are going to pay for people not to work. And GM’s COO said recently that it would be better if GM didn’t make cars, as they might survive…on government handouts!

Yet in bonuses that amount to less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the money given to AIG, Obama and the other “Dims” are up in arms. Outraged! This money amounts to a rounding error when compared to the egregious mistakes made by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in the financial scandal. And don’t even mention Obama’s Porkulus package, as the amount of these bonuses doesn’t even hit the 4th digit after the decimal.

Here’s the wrap:

To hear this reported by the mainstream media, this amounts to a crisis! Forget China, Iran, North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Britain, heck all the fricking free world, the slave world, as well as the under and over worlds , as the real crisis is that AIG is operating in “business as usual” mode…with the permission of Congress and Obama.

Obama is secretly happy that this occurred, as it provided a potential “out” for his mishandling of every area within government from selecting a non-criminal staff to foreign affairs. He is relying on this bit of subterfuge, smoke and mirrors in order to buy time to improve his popularity, which has slipped from the 80%+ to 56%…and dropping. His job approval rating is at 36%, barely above disapproval which today was at 31%.

Obama likely didn’t count on so many people coming in from the fog, and recognizing that it was he and his band of thieves who gave the money to AIG in the first place. Oops. Like I said, don’t give money to a crackhead, then complain that he bought crack with it!

As all this was going on, Obama has enlisted his internet minions to host parties, [not tea parties, either] and convince their friends to support his agenda. Think of these homes as “indoctrination centers”.

I say to my fellow Conservatives, avoid Liberal parties for the next few weeks, less they attempt to suck your brain out and take over your body. Because you’d have to be a zombie to not see where the fault lies on this one.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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