Obama’s Heartfelt Speeches

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It appears that we can add “teleprompter” to the list of addictions that Obama cannot overcome. Apparently he carries it everywhere, as he needs it in order to deliver his “rousing” speeches.

I picture Obama outside a building before a speech, smoking a cigarette and pacing feverishly.  Like a crackhead looking for fix, Obama types in his crackberry, “Just tell me when my [expletive] teleprompter will [expletive] get here, damnit!”

Personally, I keep listening for the inspiration and eloquence that people say Obama showcases in his speeches. My gut says that even his ardent followers are starting to think that each speech is just more of the same – an attempt to give a better speech – no positive results to follow.

There are two things a person needs to speak “from the heart” on a subject, sans teleprompter: Those two things are knowledge and passion.

Knowledge?  Ask me why I know the economic policies of Obama are doomed to failure, and I say, “Pack a lunch.” As a person who has actually been responsible for the welfare of employees and who understands how business works, I can prove to you that Obama doesn’t know jack about economics…or much else for that matter.

You want passion? Ask a new mother about her newborn baby, and you will wish you had arranged a “bail out” phone call to get you out of that conversation. Like the mother of a newborn, when I have passion for a subject, no prompting is needed. Ask me how Democrats have denigrated the Black community, and I suggest popcorn and drinks…possibly a sleeping bag.

I can tell you that Obama demonstrates neither knowledge nor passion in his speeches, where he attempts to sell Obamulus von Porkulus, aka Turdulus. Obama doesn’t fully understand economics and the implications of Turdulus. Bill Clinton exposed Obama’s economic neophyte status during the campaign, when he unwittingly let it slip that in order to understand the economy, Obama called him, Hillary, and a host of other people who, by the way have no idea about the economy either. Those conversations were indeed the blind leading the blind. Yet, without knowing better, Obama relied on these economic dimwits.

And if he didn’t prove that he was stupid enough with some of his earlier moves, he allowed Pelosi and Reid to go unchecked in producing the 1300 page Turdulus package..  And Obama agreed to sell Turdulus as having “no pork and no earmarks“.  Enter, the teleprompter.

Obama has enough sense to know that you really can’t spend your way out of this situation, as the Democrats would like us to believe. Imagine a father of three and sole bread-winner for his family, standing before his wife and kids saying, “OK guys, I got laid off today, but I have decided that our solution is to spend our way out of our impending financial mess. So we are going to buy a larger home, two new cars, start eating out four days a week.”

Obama has no real passion for this idea. At this point he is really just trying to appear supportive of this inane policy in an effort to not look stupid. Needless to say, this tactic is not working on Conservatives. But surprisingly, even the least common denominator, yes even the shiftless and lazy Liberals are recognizing the stupidity in this policy as well.

Here’s the wrap:

So here is the list of Obama addictions:

  • Smoking,
  • Crackberry,
  • Dependence on the Clintons,
  • Need to select people for his cabinet who don’t pay their income taxes,
  • Need to continually talk about transparency, but not actually be transparent,
  • Need to spend money he doesn’t have, and
  • Use of teleprompter,
  • TBD

These are the few of which we are aware.

Perhaps Obama should consider “Teleprompters Anonymous“, in hopes of actually infusing knowledge or passion in his speeches, and thus perhaps he wouldn’t need to rely on this crutch.  Because neither the stock market nor the employment index is impressed with Obama’s speeches thus far.

I am reminded of some of Reagan’s speeches, where there was no doubt about his passion for America, and knowledge of what is the best course of action for its citizens. No script, no teleprompter needed. Reagan spoke from his core.

Since Obama lacks a core, or certainly one that will appeal to America, he is relegated to the use of his latest addiction. Don’t expect him to get rid of it any time soon. Without it, you get a look at the real Obama, who is a scared, confused, no talent neophyte, who is proving that he is in up to his ears, this time.

That’s my rant!

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