Obama Sets up Government Motors

As most everyone is aware, Obama is peeing on fenceposts, letting everybody know there’s a new sheriff in town. He has asked the CEO of GM to step down.

Late as usual, Obama has done what the market would have accomplished months ago. And the market would have saved the taxpayers about $20 billion. Instead all we have are more “toxic assets”.

If you ask me, Obama should be stepping down, as should the rest of his gang of racist, classist Democrat monkeys in Congress who voted to fund the automakers.

GM lost billions of dollars over the years, and the Fed has been propping that company up artificially for far too long. All because the racist Democrats want union votes. Union votes that help them keep Black folks and others stupid. It’s working.

And what has the American taxpayer gotten for its money? Progress. Heck no! We got a request for billions more, and the potential that GM will be out of business anyway. Not that it matters, but I predicted this, when they gave them the last loan.

What else is new when you are dealing with the most stupid group of people to be assembled under one name…Democrat? The fact that billions are thrown around like change for the meter is just the definition of ObamaNation.

The Commander in Grief has a bold new plan to inject even more of our money into GM and Chrysler, two over-the-hill punch-drunk fighters, well past their prime. Toothless tigers. Neither company could make a wish, without spending billions.

Part of Obama’s plan is to put these two organizations on 60-day (GM) and 30-day (Chrysler) plans. GM wants $16B to be put on their plan, and for Chrysler’s acceptance, they get just over $6B. $22B being burned. But hey…we can always print more money!

Imagine if Obama pumped that kind of coin into businesses making money? I know…stupid Conservative, capitalist, Republican, logical idea. And I call Obama a silly Negro, right?

Problem is, companies making profits don’t have unions. Businesses making money can’t be controlled. They are slaves. Businesses making money likely don’t vote for racist, socialist, classist Democrats. Businesses making money are considered “uppity Negros”…like me!

Part of the Chrysler funding hinges on Chrysler completing its proposed merger with Fiat. Now I ask you if you believe that Fiat will take on Chrysler’s “toxic assets”, the way our Treasury Department will take on our banks’ “toxic assets”? Of course not.

Companies that must operate in the real world actually don’t take on the problems of other companies. They only want the good stuff, like machinery, contacts, and market share, to name a few. They carve bad debt out, and leave it for the bureaucrats. They take the best and leave the rest. Too logical for a stupid socialist to understand, and for the idiots that vote for these fools. You know who you are.

Another stipulation for these companies to get money is Obama will get tough on the unions. That’s like Irkel battling the UFC heavyweight champion. I see the scenario go something like this:

Obama: “If you don’t do what I ask and start producing more Pacer, Gremlin, and Pinto hybrids, then I won’t give you money.

The unions’ retort: “If you don’t do what we ask, you won’t get your votes.”

Obama: “You win! Just keep making the stuff that currently won’t sell.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama and his band of thieves will prop up the UAW as long as we let them. To think he will seriously do anything would just make you stupid. Obama owes the unions.

It doesn’t matter who runs GM or Chrysler. Their fates are sealed unless some other companies buy the good parts, leaving only the toxic assets.

Speaking of toxic assets, in my opinion the worst toxic assets in the office of the presidency. The remaining toxic assets in liberal Senate and House seats. If we can get rid of those bloated pontificating, do nothing, Obama-worshipping toxic assets, we could actually end the War on Achievement.

That’s my rant!

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