Obama’s Take on Arrogant Americans

What the world wants to accomplish in all of this is to relieve the United States of our “arrogance”. To humble us. The irony of the Czar of Arrogance speaking to the French, the Kings of Arrogance, about ridding America of its arrogance. Amazing!
There are those in America who are indeed arrogant…and elitists. So with regard to them, I happen to agree with Europe in their pursuit of ridding America of this radical and cancerous element. That being our mission, sanctioned by King Obama himself, let’s all team up to eradicate all the Liberal Democratsimmediately. I further request that we eliminate our racists as well, however that would be redundant to the stated mission.

In a staged Q&A in Strasberg, Obama was asked if American found itself “exceptional“. His answer was [paraphrased] “Yes, America is exceptional, as is Britain and Greece…” He went on to mention America’s glorious past in freeing Europe from the tyranny of Nazism, though he wasn’t as eloquent as I. He also commented on America’s compassion to the world in giving our financial support, and that our economy represents 60% of the world’s economy.

You might have found yourself buying into this “I am proud of America” sentiment from Obama. That is exactly what Obama wants Americans to believe that he is “baseball and apple pie.”

Because of his subterfuge, I think I need to remind you that the America about which Obama is in France bragging is the same America that Obama wants to remake! Don’t believe me, as here are Obama’s own words from his inaugural address:

“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America.”

Remake us from what? Remake us from giving ten times more financial support to impoverished nations than all other nations combined? Remaking us from protecting Europe from the Nazis during WWII? Remake us from building the most prosperous nation in the history of mankind? Remake us from accepting people from all over the world, legally or illegally, and providing access to the best opportunity for prosperity ever?

I do have a suggestion whereby we can remake America. How about we remake America from the racism of Liberals and Democrats? How about we remake America from Liberalism, and the idea that criminals should have more rights, than citizens, or that terrorists should have more rights than the unborn?

And while we are at it, let’s remake American from a government that believes it can arbitrarily decide to take money from producers and give it to deadbeats loser Liberal Democrats, like the UAW, the teachers’ unions, and lazy people who just find work, well…too tedious.

Conservative Americans are not arrogant in the least. We are just proud of America, as we should be. America is not perfect, and she never will be. Smart people don’t expect America to be perfect, which is why Liberals do expect it.

But even those monkey-brain nitwits realize that their Messiah isn’t going to change the perception of America for the better. Liberals are just too arrogant to admit it.

Here’s the wrap:

What we are is the best nation in the world, period. And I can prove it. When you look at the number of Americans living in other countries as expatriates, in comparison to those living in America as expatriates, the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of America. Simply put – More of them want to be here, than we want to be there. That’s the measure and America didn’t set the rules…only the standard!

I love visiting Europe, particularly France. I even considered living there a couple of years in order to strengthen my French language skills. But you can bet your best bottle of 1787 Chateau d’Yquem that I was bringing my well-toned Black butt [shameless plug] back to America.

So I say to the rest of the world, stop being a bunch of whining Hater-aid drinkers, jealous of America. It’s time for you to all grow up. You want our Jazz, Rap, Hip-Hop music, our language, our food, our sports, technology, our healthcare, our protection, frankly our way of life…oh, and our money!

Fellow Conservatives don’t buy into this hype of Obama being proud of America. Every move he is making is self-aggrandizing for him, and meant to ultimately lower the standards for the rest of us.

Rest assured fellow Conservatives, you are not arrogant. You should know by now that only rich Liberal Democrats are even allowed to be arrogant.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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