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Obama’s Triumphant Return

Obama returns from Europe like a triumphant Caesar entering Rome. Outcome: World peace! Here she comes…Miss Amerika.

We will have world peace right after he sends more troops to Afghanistan. Oh and then there is that approved war that he campaigned on stopping in Iraq. I guess there is a bit of tidying up to do there. But make no mistake about it, Obama will stop the war in Iraq…as soon as he makes sure can take credit for winning it.

The problem with world peace Obama style is he forgot to tell the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Russians, and about a dozen African nations what he was up to. So while Obama journeyed to Europe to announce the New World Order, North Korea launched a missile.

Now we are being told that it is a satellite, and frankly I don’t care what it was, as it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Obama showed the world that he is a bona fide punk.

When confronted with this very real crisis, Obama chose to run to Papa. In case you don’t know who Papa is, it’s the United Nations. The idea of Obama relying on the UN to govern is not surprising, and neither is the idea of the UN doing nothing.

Both the UN and Obama talk tough. They issue harsh communiqués condemning actions. This is like writing a letter to the bully who beat you up, saying that he’d better not do it again…or else. Or else what? Or else you will get your butt kicked…again.

The irony of using the UN is, when Bush asked the UN to declare war on Iraq for “multiple violations of UN resolutions”, they did nothing, nil, nyet, “Obama”. So Bush rightfully decided to enforce UN resolutions, as it pertained to protecting America…and the world. Anybody want to guess what Obama will do? I can hear those tough words now.

The UN knows that they should act on North Korea. The reason they don’t is they want the US to foot the bill. Because they know that the country formerly known as the United States of America is determined to protect its way of life. Our way of life is one of the few worth protecting these days. Thankfully we can add the Brits and the Aussies as our true friends, and ironically these two nations operate much the same as the US.

So as the missile was fueling in North Korea, and as the world watched, the Leader of the New World Order, our new Apologist in Chief was gallivanting around Europe doing what? Apologizing for “American’s arrogance”. He was reinforcing Amerika’s commitment to The New World Order.

This is the first time that I have personally heard global socialists discuss the New World Order so openly. They are simply no longer afraid to state publicly their disdain, their jealousy for America. And rightfully so.

Then Obama flew to Turkey, where he declared that Amerika will never be at war with Islam. There is no need to fight Islam, as Obama plans on just giving them Amerika. Obama’s a rock star, not a fighter.

And he makes this new declaration in a Muslim country, but member of NATO that wouldn’t allow our planes to fly over their airspace during the war with Iraq. That’s right, the Turks call themselves secular Muslims. Sure, as long as they don’t have to actually side with the infidels.

Leaving Turkey, Obama was off for a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq. The war that Bush built, isn’t it? Perhaps Obama wanted to assure America’s military men and women that despite cuts in the military budget, they are safe in the bosom of ObamaNation.

Our military should be comforted, since House Bill 1388 will limit the need for many of them. After all, Amerika will have Americorp to protect us.

Or perhaps our veterans will find solace in Obama broaching the idea that they should be added to their spouses insurance or COBRA, in order to save the country a few bucks. Surely wounded veterans can find a way to give even more to Amerika. Perhaps the cheering that the military gave Obama during his unannounced stop in Iraq was to celebrate becoming civilians again…so their votes will count?

Over a week in Europe, Turkey, and Iraq all during a full-blown crisis! The worst economy since The Great Depression, as Obama describes it. Oh that’s right; When Obama left Amerika, the world left us to revolve around him!

Here’s the wrap:

I witnessed a boy going overseas to do a man’s job. I witnessed a perpetrator more interested in his personal popularity, than the sovereignty of the United States. I witnessed a dolt with the attention span of a gnat, meddling in much, yet accomplish nothing.

But I am not surprised. I spoke of this fake prior to the election, warning people that Obama lacked focus. Anybody who can sponsor or co-sponsor 800 bills in 123 days is somebody who can accomplish nothing. Nothing has changed. He still lacks focus…and ability. But he does speak well; ROFLMAO!

So the result of this vacation was Amerika showcased how stupid Liberals are for voting for a true neophyte. Amerika will be kissing the hands of many world leaders soon, if we don’t leave world peace to Miss Amerika contestants.

That’s my rant!

© 2009 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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